Jun 22, 2011


If you love rabbits you probably should not read my post today. If you think we should be kind to all creatures great and small you should probably not read my post today. Because today is all about revenge and rabbits. A gardeners troubles are constant. The first year I planted my garden it was bugs. The second year I planted it was blight. The third year it was .....hmmm actually that was a pretty good year. This year it is the year of the rabbits....cute, fluffy, evil rabbits.

I confess that one of the biggest reasons I plant a garden is for the peas. I have so many fond memories of sneaking peas from my mom's garden when I was a kid. I have so many fond memories of sitting on the edge of my own garden, with my kids, with a bowl full of freshly picked peas, eating and eating to our hearts content. For some reason my peas in New England have struggled. Oh, I have grown them every year but I just have not received as many as my greedy heart thinks I should have. This year I had the perfect fence for the peas to happily climb and climb to their hearts content. I planted them ever so lovingly. But it was not long before I discovered something was nibbling them....cutting them right off. It was killing me. Everyday there would be more plants that had met their demise. I put up fence around the peas. The next morning....still having trouble. I doubled the fence. Still trouble. And now almost all my peas are gone. I think I could have taken it better if this year had not already been a tough year for me in every way. This is like the last straw. I got serious about this and yesterday I googled "something is eating my peas" and I read and read and I eliminated cut worms, chipmunks, birds and squirrels all from my list of possible most hated animal. And the winner and recipient of all my hate was the rabbit. I need to friend Mr. MacGregor on Facebook. I can not believe there actually was a time in my life I actually rooted for Peter Rabbit to make it out of that garden alive.

SO...... I will not be beaten by the rabbits. I bought more pea seeds. I am replanting. I am making a better fence. I am trying every single thing google said would get rid of rabbits....human hair, catch and release traps, fence three feet above ground and 10 inches into the ground, dried blood meal, rabbit repellent, fox urine, lavender, garlic, catnip, monkshod and foxglove, and last bu tnot least electric fence. I will not rest until I am sitting on my porch with my kids eating peas to my hearts content and rabbits are dead :) These rabbits have no idea how much energy I have to channel to them at this moment in my life :)


DeAnn said...

The only good rabbit is a dead rabbit. DeAnn's peas and the rest of the garden disappeared under the onslaught of a cute little baby bunny. I literally worked for hours repairing the fence and making life generally nasty for him in our yard. The possesive little bugger refused to find another yard to raid. I was about to give up hope. Did you know that one pump on a BB gun will generally do the trick. So, enjoy your time working on the fence, the repellents, and all that other stuff. I know the solution, and it ends badly for peter cottontail. - T.P.

Jennifer said...

todd patterson.... do you and your trusty BB gun ever leave Wyoming and make house calls ? :)

Rebecca said...

Maybe you could borrow a dog for a few days? Or maybe Joe would like to put his airsoft gun to good use? :) P.S. I'm sOOO glad you are blogging again!

Chrispy Critter said...

I have some extra fox urine in my fridge it you need it ;)