Jun 10, 2011


So what do you know about weeds? Lately my days are all about weeds. I wake up in the morning at about 6:00 am. I lay in bed and think for a little while. I do adore doing that and then eventually my thoughts always end up on my yard and the weeds that are therein. For some reason those thoughts eventually are what gets me out of bed. I pull on the clothes that love to weed....although I confess when I was teaching seminary I would often weed in my church clothes....ever so carefully :) There is something I love about outside in the morning. I usually wander though the yard checking everything before I start weeding and some mornings I get the sprinkler going. I have two spots in my yard that are in desperate need of weeding attention and I tend to go back and forth between them....analyze me if you must :) One spot is my garden. I have a fairly big spot in my garden that I have not had time to plant in and the weeds have taken up residence there quite happily. The other spot is a spot I am trying to take back from nature. I fight it a little each year and it is a tough battle.

Weeding has been a big part of my life. My mom is a master gardener and my parents were always working in the yard when I was a kid. Weeding a row of corn or beans was often the way I would get permission to go somewhere with my friends or the way I earned the right to sit in a quiet spot and read to my hearts content without interruption. Even when I was young I seemed to recognize the joy of removing all the clutter (aka weeds) and seeing the plant all by itself with endless space and air all around it. That does not mean I angelically and willingly would weed when asked :)

Because my life is so busy these days I set a time limit for myself when I start weeding and attempt not to despair when my time is up and I am not seeing an end in sight but must move on to another part of my life. I just keep saying over and over in my head...."an hour at a time will add up." This year the weeds in my garden have truly been in charge. My family has been fairly critical of my weeding methods. As I am crawling through on my hands and knees carefully pulling each weed and putting it in a bucket they often suggest many other seemingly easier ways to get the job done. And that has got me wondering which of the weed myths are true and which aren't. Which you all know led me to Google.

The best way to get rid of weeds is to prevent them in the first place...story of life, huh? :) As I read there seems to be a few thoughts on weeds. One is to spray a pre-emergent spray (NOT a post emergent spray) on the spot where the weeds are coming up. The other thoughts are to lay down newspaper or plaastic on the spot before you plant and that makes it so the weeds do not get sunshine and get that crazy notion to sprout and grow. So darkness will keep them down or posion will keep them down. SO interesting. Taking tons of time to pull them up by hand is a very successful method it is just that most people do not want to spend that much time doing it but, strangely, I do. I love crawling around pulling weeds out while thinking about my life and realizing how many parallels there are to weeding and life.

I decided to try everything and see if I can become an expert :) I have sprayed Round Up in one area. I am spreading newspaper in another area. And I am crawling on my hands and knees in another area pulling them up by hand. I wonder if it will become clear to me which way is best?

This morning when I logged onto my computer my oldest child, Zach, had left me a note on my computer that said, "Mom, when you look at weeds what do you see?" I smiled and immediately began to think...what do I see when I look at weeds? I see something that is in the wrong place. I see something that is trying with all it's might to prevent something else from being successful. And I see clutter.


C Tam said...

I am more the sort to think of weeds as basically good plants who nonetheless happen to be growing in the wrong spot. But then I read the $64 Tomato and felt my conviction waver; perhaps there truly are some BAD plants that need eradicated no matter where they pop up. Have you read that book either? Because it made me think of you at least half a dozen times while I was reading it.

C Tam said...

ps. also when I think of weeds I think of Deer. They are like fauna version of weeds.