Jul 12, 2011

Adoring Movies.

Do you love going to the movie? I forgot that I adore it. I had not been to a movie in quite awhile but tonight I finally convinced myself that I really needed to venture out of the house and I went with three friends to see Larry Crowne. It was exactly what I had been needing....Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts facing some hard changes in their lives head on...overcoming the fear of change and learning new things about themselves.

I love to be surrounded by the dark. I love to be immersed in the world on the screen. I love that there is a soundtrack to the movie. I need to get me a soundtrack for my life. I need music for when I am staring at the amazing full moon that is following me home. I need music for when I am folding laundry. I need music for when I am driving in my car really fast with my music loud......yeah, I know :) I need music for when my family is all around me talking and I am not listening. I need music playing in the background when I am gardening. Yeah, I love soundtracks. I can not tell you how many times I have seen a movie and gone and purchased the music immediately...Mama Mia....Spirit.....The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, etc. If you go to the movie with me be mentally prepared for the fact that I usually want to stay after and watch the credits so that I can see who sang a certain song that I am pretty sure is my new favorite song. That happened tonight by the way. And everyone graciously waited and helped me look for the song and performer. And of course now that I am home, I remember the performer and not the name of the song :)

I think movies may have ruined my life. I have some notion that everything can be solved in 156 minutes, involves music, amazing scenery, and always ends happy :) I remember ever so vividly the first movie I ever saw that did not end the way I thought it should and that was Rainman, I felt so discouraged. I think I have matured a little bit and one of my most favorite movies, Spanglish, does not end the way I think it should and I still love it. If you have seen Spanglish then you will possibly argue that I am not mature in anyway because a mature person would want Spanglish to end exactly the way it does :) Yes, now you have to go put Spanglish on your Netflix queue so you can figure out what I am talking about :)

I feel like it was money well spent if I walk away from a movie still feeling like I am in that world. I am trying to remember when the last time was I felt that way. I felt it a little bit with Larry Crowne. I felt connected to the characters and involved in their lives and that is usually a good
sign. But it was not epic....like the way I felt after watching The Titanic :)

Why do we love movies so? I know when the movie is over and the lights go up I always find myself thinking or even.....gasp.... saying out loud....."Well back to real life." That is probably why we love them so much... we can escape. I confess that I felt the urge to stay in the theater last night and watch movie after movie. I have never felt that way before. Thankfully, my friends are realists and did not even indulge me when I mentioned I wanted to do that. Sigh...they are good friends :)

I love the joy that comes from noticing little details in a movie that speak volumes about a character. The way they put on their shoes. The way they shop. You can often see who they are so clearly. I do not know why it endears me to them so. I also dearly love noticing the symbolism in a movie....that, by the way, is everywhere, it always makes me smile.

Wednesday is free movie day at the movie theater and at 10am they have a free showing of a kid movie. So Natalie and I are going to go see Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I wonder if I will feel like I have escaped when I watch a movie about middle school? :) Probably not :)

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