Jul 19, 2011

A Dam, A Lake, and A River.

Today Natalie and I went exploring. More and more I am marveling at the fact that in ten minutes Natalie and I can be on the road to anywhere our little hearts desire. I have realized that the numb, heavy, sad feeling I constantly have seems to raise it's feeble head and appreciate a view so I am trying to put my little resigned bum in the car once a day and go somewhere. Yesterday was the library but today we grabbed cherries, goldfish and waterbottles and headed north up Route 20. There were a few places I had always seen signs for and wondered about but never actually checked out. The drive up Route 20 is a treat in itself. You really should come visit me so you can see for yourself how beautiful it is. The road follows the Westfield River. I pass the most picturesque cemetery on the left hand side of the road right before I reach Huntington. I cross a bridge. I see lots of white New England church spires.

Our first stop was Littleville Lake. There were 4 cars in the parking lot. We could see some kayakers out on the lake so we grabbed our cherries and headed towards the water to see what it was like. The views were amazing. Water....trees....warm lazy sunshine....there was a couple having a picnic up on the grass, there was a little old lady sitting in a chair at the water's edge and a grandpa and his granddaughter fishing. There was no swimming allowed at this spot and the water did look a little questionable near the shore. I do not usually notice those kinds of things. There was not really a beach but Natalie and I still tried to explore a little. It did not take too long to quench our curiosity about Littleville Lake. There are pros and cons to everywhere you go. If I had a canoe, kayak, book, or chair in any combination I would definitely go back in a minute. Yes, I am sure I could figure out how to read and kayak :)

Once we got back in the car we headed towards Knightville Dam. I have seen the sign for Knightville Dam oh so many times and longed to see what it was. This was so exciting to feel so free to do what ever I wanted. I did not have to get anyone's approval. And no one was trying to talk me out of it. So sublime.

We drove up to the dam, parked the car, and walked out onto the dam with our bag of cherries. (yes, the cherries never want to wait in the car) There was not a soul in sight. It was quiet. No water on either side of the dam which made me have all sorts of questions that there was no one around to ask. Again the scenery was well worth it. Everything is just so pretty and calm. After walking for awhile in the hot sunshine along the not so shady dam Natalie and I decided we needed to go somewhere where we could actually touch water so on road down from the dam we stopped by the river and decided to check it out. We found a most perfect spot. Rocks were arranged in the river in such a way to form little pools (yes, I wondered how that had happened way too much) and then there were spots where the water was flowing. We took off our shoes and socks and I rolled up my sweats and we walked around in the most refreshing water. Natalie was determined to catch a fish to have for a pet so she set to work on that project. I just sat on a big rock, admired the world, and ate cherries. Yeah, you can retrace our steps by following the cherry stems and pits we left all over the Berkshires today :) We wanted to stay forever but clearly that did not work out. But Natalie made me promise we would go back tomorrow with water shoes and towels.

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