Jul 13, 2011

I See The Moon The Moon Sees Me.

I am one of those people that has a small-ish obsession with the moon. I remember as a kid driving in the car at night and pressing my face up against the window of the car and marveling that the moon seemed to be following me as I watched it.

I remember sitting on a beach on Washington state marveling at a full moon out over the water.

I could never forget a full moon plus fireworks on a beach in Oregon.

When our kids were little the only way to do a visit to Utah from Kansas and preserve the hubby's sanity was to drive all night and I always got the midnight to morning shift. I love that shift. Everyone is settled and asleep. I put on my favorite music and drive. I will never forget driving over the mountains in Wyoming and Utah with a full moon soaring along with me. Lighting up the oh so empty land and filling me with such longing.

Driving a convertible on a cold night with the top down and a full moon in the sky.

Yeah, I fear I am the biggest fan of the moon that there ever was. Full moons are pretty sensational but I can even see the beauty in just a sliver of a moon too.

A long time ago, when I was oh so little, I learned the song I See The Moon. I grew up hearing my parents sing this song and I, in turn, sang it to my kids. It was one of the memories my son Zach wrote about me once. It surprised me to know it had had an impact on him. In all my travels I had never found anyone else who had ever heard this song until within the last year. I was oh so delighted when I discovered others that knew of this song.

Tonight the moon happens to be full and oh so brilliant and as always I sang the moon song in my head as I was looking at it. For some reason this time I decided to research and figure out, once and for all, the mystery of this song. The words I remember and always sang are:

"I see the moon the moon sees me under the old, the old oak tree. Oh the moon that shines above, shine on the one I love"

So I put Google to the test and once again it came through for me in epic fashion. I truly doubted what typing, "I see the moon the moon sees me" into the search bar would produce.

The first search result was a recording on Youtube of the song by a group from Britian called the Stargazers. It was a little hokey but oh so sweet. It was a number one hit in 1954. I was pleased that some of the words were similar to the ones I knew, and sang, and thrilled to discover that there were more words. You know how that memory thing from when you were a kid goes :)

After the Stargazers rendition of the moon song I clicked on another Youtube link to a rendition of the moon song by Jim Brickman. The song was utterly beautiful but the words were just a constant repeat of a few sentences and it did not feel like home to me. But the music was haunting and I definitely liked it....just no loving it :)

After that I went a little crazy and listened to every rendition of the moon song I could find. I read discussions on the lyrics. Of which there was really no consensus on. And had a general jolly time exploring and learning.

I posted one of my favorite renditions of the song on this blog for you to hear. Let me know what you think :) The I see the moon song is embedded in another song and performed by Chris Rice. I see the moon is a very basic simple song but I loved how it was woven into this song :)

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TheTamFam said...

I found the song vaguely familiar, but am not sure where I heard it last. I like the multi-media ventures your blog has taken as of late *more photos than usual with the documenting of your Palmyra trip...and now a video posting...what next? :)