Jul 26, 2011

Monday In Utah.

I need this to be perfect...... Oh, so much to tell you....... I am truly bursting........ Where do I start? This is a bloggers dream come true. Usually I spend a little bit of time wondering what to say but let me tell you... no wondering happening here.... no famine of words....so much to tell you about I am bursting.

Let me see if I can limit myself to some highlights from Monday and then you can sit on pins and needles wondering and waiting for Tuesday highlights :)

I took my first taxi ride.

We ate at Red Iguana.

We took way to many silly pictures on Temple Square. Yes, I will post those when I get home.

We stayed the night in the downtown Marriott.....view of the temple, anyone? When I woke up I greatly resisted the urge to throw those heavy hotel curtains wide open so I could lay there and stare at the view....since my friends were still sleeping :)

We considered buying some Katy Perry concert tickets on a whim

We shopped at the beautiful outdoor Gateway Mall.....it is down by the Union Pacific building in Salt Lake City. It was so amazingly beautiful. Shopping and enjoying nature at the same time......pretty sweet :)

I wore sunglasses all day.....I have never owned or worn sunglasses in my life but sometimes friends can prompt you to try things you normally would not. And then when you try that thing that you normally would not try and everyone ooohhhs and ahhhhs and gives you validation and praise how can you not think you are a movie star when you wear sunglasses and promptly wear them religiously? :) Yes, I will post pictures when I get home. I had no idea that sunglasses on top of my head could make me feel so glamorous.

Oh, and speaking of trying new things these friends of mine insisted that I put on a necklace that one of them bought and wear it for awhile. I am not about bling and accessories in anyway and felt very self conscious. For some reason people can not resist the urge to play barbie with me :) I attempted to resist but resistance was futile so I wore the necklace.

Laying on the beds in the hotel room chatting and chatting.

It truly is an amazing thing to have oh so many years have gone by and be able to pick up where we left off and have these lasting friendships. It has been good for me to get away and attempt to find perspective. I am not sure if it is working but I think my friends have been patient with a much more subdued Jennifer that they are used too. Today we went to Park City and I can hardly wait to tell you about that. And tomorrow is a hike called the Living Room.....yes, we have to know why. And I hope that I have talked everyone into taking the chair lift up the ski slopes for tomorrow too....hello.... spectacular view....who could not resist that? :)

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Kristy said...

You are looking spectacularly gorgeous, accessories or not. However, I do think you look quite fab in your sunglasses. Can I please have your hair? Thank you.