Jul 7, 2011

A Perfect View.

Okay, before you start reading today think of the best view you ever saw. Have you ever seen a view that took your breath away? Doesn't everyone love a view? Who would not want one? Who tells the realtor that they want a house with no windows? A view refers to whatever lies open to your sight. A view is something that is seen. Views ALWAYS make me cry...but you knew that. I love to be surprised by a view. I love to go on a hike knowing I will get a view at the end. We all seek for views and exclaim with joy when we see one.

A long time ago my parents moved to Cottage Grove, Oregon. I was married and had little kids and had not seen their new house yet. One summer we loaded the car with the little Baird's and headed to Oregon from Kansas. We arrived in Cottage Grove when it was all dark. We all fell into bed not knowing what was around us. The next morning I woke up and wandered into my parents living room and just stood and stared out their three big windows in their living room at the amazing view. It took my breath away. It was so strange to think that that spectacular view had been there the night before I just had not known it was there.

The same thing happened one time when we went to Hawaii for the first time. We arrived in the middle of the night and had no idea what was around us. I could hardly wait for sunrise so I could peak out the hotel room curtains and see the view. And of course it made all my dreams come true :)

Look over to the left side of my blog...do you see that picture of Deception Pass? This is one of my most favorite views. It is a picture I took from the Deception Pass Bridge a few years ago when I was in Washington State. Whenever I get to back to Washington State I drive straight to Deception Pass as fast as I can. Sometimes when I am having"one of those days" in Massachusetts I imagine myself standing on the Deception Pass Bridge, feeling the wind that is often there, staring out into the blue water that has plops of little islands covered with green trees scattered here and there. I have a beautiful, framed picture in my home ( it is sitting in my closet.....long story) of the Deception Pass Bridge partially covered with fog. Views and fog.....they never go together.

I have been thinking a lot about views lately and how views are definitely better when things are clear. But you really appreciate them the most when you come out of a fog and find one..... I am just sure of it.

My favorite movie is A Room With A View. I love to watch the characters in this movie learn to be honest with themselves and understand views. In the movie, Mr Emerson and his son,George, give up their room with a view to an old lady and her charge, Lucy Honeychurch, who do not have a view and Mr Emerson declares to them that he does not care what is outside that his view is within..."that is where the birds sing and the sky is blue. Hmmm is my view inside or dependent on things that are outside? When it is raining, cloudy, or foggy do I still have a view?

While we are talking about movies and views I recently watched the movie Flipped and in this movie the main female character Juli Baker has a sycamore tree at her bus stop that she climbs to see an amazing view. This tree and this view mean the world to her. One day the tree needs to be chopped down to make way for a house and she stays in that tree hoping to prevent the tree from being chopped down. Nothing and nobody can get her out of the tree until her dad arrives and climbs a ladder and convinces her it is time to come down. She cries and cries for two weeks after the tree is cut down. Longing for her view. One day her dad knocks on her bedroom door and presents her with a painting he made of the tree that was chopped down and she talks about how she discovers that she can look at the painting and remember the view and how she felt when she saw it. How Juli had to come to the realization that the view was still there... just inside of her continues to fascinate me :)

I am so grateful for views. For the times I have seen one and yes, even for the times I haven't. ....otherwise I would not know the difference...right? :)

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