Jul 29, 2011

Pictures From My Utah Trip.

Me and Alyson.
Me and Shannon
Me and Julie
Yes, we were extremely silly at the spot where newlyweds take pictures.
This stained glass in the Union Pacific railroad building was incredible.
Me and the bear in Park City
Shannon bought us all matching rings.
Shannon and I on the hike to the Living Room in the foothills of Salt Lake City
Awesome rock chair that I sat in.
Alyson and I on the chair lift
Me at the top of the mountain with my trusty sled.
The view of Park City from the top of the mountain
Kristy and Nate finishing the Alpine Coaster ride.....so flipping sweet.


Kristy said...

Well, what do you know? That little 5MP camera did a pretty darn good job! Great pics.

C Tam said...

You look great btw.