Jul 4, 2011

The Second Of July.

Fireworks are one of my most favorite things. This year I actually had a not so lucid moment and determined that I was not attending the fireworks in Westfield but I am ever so happy to tell you that I pulled myself together and ended up going.

About two miles up the road from our house is a park called Stanley Park and every year Stanley Park has a pretty amazing fireworks show. It is never on the Fourth of July which rocked my little rule following world at first. I mean, 4th of July, not the 3rd, or the 2nd.....4th :) I am happy to report that it did not take me long to be okay with fireworks on a day other than the 4th. One year, due to rain, the fireworks did not happen until the first week of August and I barely survived :) Stanley Park is pretty amazing. And everytime I go there and hang out I wonder to myself, why do I live a mere two miles from this park and not take advantage of it more? But I will blog about Stanley Park and its amaziness another time.

This year the process of getting to the fireworks was no different from any other year. I always want to get there way too early. Everyone thinks I am crazy to need to get there so early but I think they all had a pretty great spot to watch the fireworks because of my need to be early. So at 4:20 on Saturday afternoon I had my hubby drive me, Tatiana, Natalie, my friend, and her three boys up to the park. He was able to pull right into the park parking lot and drop us off. We were loaded with chairs, food, water, bug spray, games, books, flashlights, bubbles and oh so much more. Between Stanley Park and the road that runs in front of it is the most amazing stone wall that runs the whole length of the front of the park. It is flat dark gray stone stacked ever so carefully and neatly on top of each other. I marvel at it everytime I see it. Then there is a row of trees between the wide, huge, open grassy field and the stone fence. The coveted spots on a sunny July day are under those trees so that was my goal, to get a shady tree spot. A lot of the tree spots were already taken at 4:30 but we procured one of the last ones and spread out our blankets, chairs, and posessions trying to take as much room as possible to save a spot for everyone who was coming later.

The day was beautiful. Huge puffy white clouds...brilliant blue sky....every shade of green possible...and in the shade of the tree it was the perfect temperature. I could have sat there forever. The kids ran over to the playground, climbed the tree, walked on the stone wall, and played games, okay, and they whined a few times about each other and what a drag it is to have to have a sibling bothering you. My friend and I talked and solved all the world's problems. The park fills up pretty fast and by the time the fireworks start at dark almost all of the immense grassy space is completely covered with people. My favorite part is when it gets dark and you can look out across the field and see hundreds of glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, hats, swords and every other thing you can possibly imagine in glow in the dark form. It creates a pretty fabulous picture that I do adore. I have no idea why things like that fill me with such contentment. I am truly weird :)

Before the fireworks start they have a F-16 flyover....which I confess I could just do F-16 flyovers all day. Why does a F-16 flyover make me cry? Actually, fireworks make me cry too. Actually puffy clouds in a blue sky do too. Yeah, you see a trend don't you ? :) Jennifer + anything amazing = crying. It's not rocket science :)

The firework show is pretty amazing. I spend the whole time repressing the urge to drive everyone around me crazy with my constant exclaiming at how I love that one and oh, I love that one too and oh, wait the really loud noises are my favorite. Yeah, I love everything. But I try to keep it under wraps :)

My hubby and the older kids do not come up to the show until the very last minute. They leave the car at our house and walk up. Traffic is definitely something you need to prepare yourself for when you come to the firework show. We have discovered that the easiest way to deal with that is to just leave our car and walk the two miles back to our house. The "sitting in a parking lot waiting for 45 minutes" thing we tried one year and it just about did the man of the house in.

When the fireworks are over we all load ourselves down with all our posessions and walk down the middle of the closed off streets towards home. Every year as I pass all the parking lots and side roads full of cars waiting their turn I find myself grateful that I have the option to walk home.

I wonder about lots of things when I watch fireworks. Who gets to set them off? How they do it? How I can procure that job of setting off fireworks? I wonder how early they order all those fireworks and where they order them from? Do they have fireworks catalogs? I need to get myself one of those :) I wonder what the names of the fireworks are? I wonder why watching them fills me with such longing? I wonder what it would be like to fly in a airplane over them? I wonder if I will ever make it to New York City and Boston to see their firework displays? I wonder where the best firework display in the world is? I even wonder what everyone else is thinking about.....yeah, it is pretty exhausting to be in my head :)

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Farm Girl said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful spot and a great evening. I'd do the same thing to avoid all the traffic...