Jul 10, 2011


When was the last time you deferred to another's judgement, opinion, or decision? What about giving or yielding yourself to the power or authority of another? Relinquish much? Surrender much? Yeah, I am spending my Sunday afternoon lying on Miriam's bed thinking about the incredibly frustrating word submit. How did you ever guess? :) The word came up so much in church today that I simply could not ignore it.

When was the last time you did some good, old fashioned, submitting? I confess I am not overly fond of the word. It ruins all my plans. It means that I give something up that I really want because it is the right thing to do.....yeah, definitely loads of fun. The interesting thing about submit is that one of it's synonyms is the word volunteer. So you can't tell people you have done the submitting thing before if you gave something up because someone made you give it up, or they bullied you to give it up, or if they gave you guilt to give it up, or if they used Jedi mind tricks on you to get you to give it up.......if you are currently involved in submitting it is because you have been mature enough to decide to give it up something all on your own. It may only be giving up for awhile or it may be giving up forever but I am pretty sure it is some hard core sacrificing.

When was the last time you volunteered to do something you did not want to do for someone or a situation? I know, I know, it is pretty heavy. I have not met many people in my life that I would volunteer to do anything for.....let alone submit. I fear it has to be a pretty awesome relationship for that to happen. I mean I would not just submit my will to the person scanning my groceries in the grocery store. Or the person trying to convince me to let their little car into the space in front of me on the streets of Westfield. Or the mail lady ( who always mixes everyone's mail up...who would submit to that?) I think there are about two people in my life who if they asked me to do something hard I would bite my lower lip to stop it from quivering and buck up and do it. I have come to recognize lately that I have an enormous amount of will that I must sheepishly admit has rarely had to submit.(Hey, admit and submit...look at me rhyme:)

I think the time has come for 42 year old Jennifer to go back to school and the first class I am registering for will be Submitting 101. Guess what the antonym of submit is? Yeah,...... fight. I wonder if the class will teach me where the moderation is between submitting and fighting? When do you submit and when do you fight? How do you ever decide?

Submitting is easier if you have perspective which I have discovered I often do not have. Submitting means forgetting your own needs which I am not so good at it. But there are some amazing blessing promised to us if we learn how to submit. Now I must clarify that I am not thinking of submitting to the will of everyone around me. So do not come to me looking for my checkbook or my calendar. I am talking about figuring out what Heavenly Father wants me to do and submitting to his will. Remember I only have that awesome sort of submit realtionship with those two actual people and the other is Heavenly Father.

So everyone cross their fingers that my first venture into submitting land goes well and now I am off to see if I can get Natalie to submit to watching something other than Alpha and Omega with me :)

PS. Someone should seriously count how many times I used the words submit and submitting in this blog and graph the results.....goodness gracious can I do anything in an un-epic way?? :) Ahem, do not answer that :)

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