Jul 16, 2011

Thought It Would Be Random But, Alas, It Was Not :)

So todays blog is random. Did you know that not every blog has to have a single, lonely subject..........oh my....did I just say that out loud? I know breaking out of the box is so happening for Jennifer :)

One of my favorite kids books is a book titled Serendipity. I love the word and I adore the concept. A word that means the same as serendipity is happenstance.....another pretty sweet word. Serendipity means an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.....oh dear, I see that look on your face.....I see your eyebrows making that shape....here let me give you some examples of Serendipity so that you can understand and then it can become your favorite word too....I am okay with sharing my favorite word with you :)

#1. Serendipity is driving 2 hours to an important appointment in Nashua, New Hampshire and discovering there is a Five Guys practically next door to the appointment :)

#2. Serendipity is getting behind someone driving slow thus making it so you can safely put on your eyeliner while driving :)

#3. Serendipity is going to a parade in Suffield thinking it will just be firetrucks (which are cool...do not get me wrong) but actually it turns out there is incredibly, awesome bagpipes in the parade too :)

#4. Serendipity is opening a package of fruit snacks fully expecting at least 2 of the purple ones that you hate and discovering there is actually no purple ones in that bag and realizing the fruit snack gods love you :)

#5. Serendipity is needing something, not knowing what it is, opening the fridge and with delight discovering exactly 1 cup of Dr Pepper left in the bottle.

#6. Serendipity is thinking about really needing a genuine smile and all of a sudden noticing you are, at that very moment, driving by a place where you remember getting a pretty awesome oh so genuine smile and that is good enough to make you smile :)

#7. Serendipity is expecting to get scolded, since that is all you have been getting lately, and instead getting praise.....okay, it was from the 8 year old but hey, I am ever so grateful :)

#8. Serendipity is needing something at the store, not wanting to go get it and the teenager, who can drive. sauntering in and asking if she can go to the store :)

#9. Serendipity is thinking the magnetic words carefully placed on your door to your garage would be all messed up by now and it turns out they have stayed the same for oh so many weeks.

#10. Serendipity is not wanting to mop the floor and someone spilling something that makes it so you have to mop it :)

So, do you get the idea? I could make a nice serendipity list everyday.....but I won't :) Ruh Roh I just re-read my blog and guess what? It does have a single subject. Drat...once in the box always in the box :)

So next week starts some serious adventures for Jennifer so remember to check back often. I am flying to Utah to visit old friends. I am flying to see my parents in Oregon after not being home for at least 5 years. I am going to the beach. I am going on my alone hike. Miriam is coming home from college. I have book club. Madeline's mission papers are in. Natalie and I are going to Exit 2. And who knows I may even get up the strength to fix dinner...and blog about it....in a most riveting way :)


Joan said...

What!!??!! you are coming to Utah!!??!! I would love to see you :)

And wait...what!!??!! Madeline is going on a mission!!??!! That is just TOO AWESOME!!!!

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

Could serendipity also mean discovering no matter how much I stress about something, it doesn't make one little iota of a difference?? No, that's called frustration. Sorry