Aug 12, 2011

A Few Pictures From the West Coast....the words From the West Coast Are In the Next Blog Down

When you get out of the car up at the visitors center at the top where Mt St Helens is this is what the hills look like. Lots of stumps and a little bit of green growth. I have no idea why I could not stop being fascinated with the stumps :)
This is my dad and I hugging one of the enormous Redwoods.
One of the Redwoods had fallen over and this was the roots. It made me think about a black hole or a huge Sci-fi yucky creature :)
Yeah, how about laying on the ground and seeing that view whenever you wanted?
My fascination with bridges is growing and this one was begging for me to take its picture :)
Oregon coastline. I loved how there would be these random "plops" of rocks in the water. The water was an amazing blue and all sparkly. I was surprised at how empty the beaches were....that never happens in New England :)


Julie C said...

Fantastic pictures! And I love your very descriptive writing. Your parents have a gorgeous place. I hope we can reunite again soon. You are always welcome at my house - especially if you promise to ignore the messy gravel paths through the woods in my back yard.

Sarah said...

I love the photos and the details! I felt like being with Mom and Dad was heavenly too! Their place is so relaxing and you described their days perfectly. I wish I could have gone on all the great day trips. I'm so glad you had a great trip.

Melissa said...

Beautiful! I must see the redwoods before I die!