Aug 12, 2011

Highlights :)

I am longing to tell you every detail of my trip to Oregon.

I wanted to tell you about how they lost my luggage on the way there and about the funny little, teeny, tiny bag they give you as a condolence. I decided after looking through my, oh so small bag, that I need to be on the Delta airlines committee that decides what goes in the complimentary "we lost your bag" bag. I could think of some way better stuff. Although I had no idea they could make deodorant so teeny tiny :) it was pretty cute.

I want to tell you about how comforting it was to wake up every morning and have the Wall Street Journal spread out across the kitchen and listen to my parents discussing its contents while they ate their steel cut oats with blueberries from their garden on it. We discussed riots in England, the S&P, and the stock market to our hearts content.

I want to tell you about how we got up Monday morning and headed for the Oregon coast and how part way there I asked my dad about how far it was to the Redwoods and right then and there we decided to drive down the coast to California and see the Redwoods. I love doing things spontaneously like that. The views of the Oregon coastline off of Highway 101 were beautiful. When we got there we hiked into a grove of redwoods and it was so peaceful and definitely awe inspiring. I had so many questions.

Yeah, speaking of questions. My parents did not really remember that I ask so many questions. And I do not really remember them not having all the answers :) One of them mused outloud at one point about how I see the world and am so curious. We should probably start a support group for those of you who have been exposed to four days of my question asking and wondering.

I want to tell you about thrift storing. I grew up going to thrift stores with my mom and sisters. I am not so good at it. It takes me awhile to get into it. Once you find one amazing find then your mood changes and you are ready to search endlessly all day. I ended up finding a ton of stuff and only spending about $35.00, I even figured out how to get it all home.

I want to tell you about picking berries and veggies in the garden and then coming in and eating everything we picked.

I want to tell you every detail of our trip up to Mt St Helens. I had lived in Washington most of my life and had never been to see it. I was so excited about this excursion. I was watching for the signs the whole way up to the mountain. I was looking for areas where the mud, ash, and logs had washed down the river. It was amazing to me that even though it erupted in 1980 a lot of the signs of what had happened were still there. As we got closer to the mountain I marveled at all the tree stumps and all the logs still laying on the mountains where the blast made them fall. I was curious about so many things. I asked question after question. There were four visitors centers on the way to the mountain but it was late enough in the day that we headed straight for the visitors center at the top. When we got there we watched a movie about the eruption and when the movie was over this curtain automatically goes up and there, right in front of you, larger than life is a perfect view of Mt. St Helens. It was pretty cool. We walked around and took lots of pictures. I was amazed at all the wild flowers growing everywhere...all different colors. The area around the volcano had such a desolate feeling. I did not understand until I saw it what an incredible force it was.

I wanted to tell you that I thought flying when there were fireworks and thunderstorms was the best but then this time I flew when there was huge puffy white clouds everywhere and also flew when the sun was setting in the west as I was flying east and I realized that I just love flying :)

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