Aug 3, 2011

A Movie and the River. Yes, In the Same Day :)

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones. You do nothing you should do and just.....gulp...go with the flow. It started when I woke up at 7:12, jumped out of bed, threw on sweats, a ponytail, and headed on a bike ride. I literally was out of the house in 60 seconds. The morning was beautiful and I have a goal to ride my bike every morning. I usually leave at 6:45 am but today I did a little sleeping in. I love the freedom I feel while I am riding my bike. There is a particular street in Westfield that has significance to me and my goal each morning is to ride to this street and then I turn around and head back home. The ride ends up being about 4 or so miles and it is oh so glorious....okay, and very theraputic.

When I got home I quickly got changed out of sweats, answered e-mail, folded laundry, and then I woke up my two little girls because Tuesday and Wednesday morning the movie theater in West Springfield shows a free movie for kids. They do it all summer and the Baird girls...ahem, and the mom all live for it. This week was a movie I have never seen so I was really looking forward to it.....Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. The movie starts at 10:00 am and we usually leave oh so early so we can save seats for our friends. I really enjoyed the movie....yes, even though the theater is teaming with little voices fighting over seats, and popcorn, and asking questions, and exclaiming about which part is coming up next in the movie :)

It seems like more often than not I end up leaving the movie with more kids than I arrived with which is no problem for me and today was no exception. I loaded the car with three friends plus my two girls and we headed home. Today I felt like avoiding all responsibilities so I told the girls we were going to the river.

We got home and I quickly blogged while they played their favorite game....pioneers/pilgrims. I love watching them play this game because I totally remember playing it when I was a kid. They dress up in all the pioneer bonnets and skirts that I have made throughout the years. They pack bags with various things and they wander around the yard. It makes me smile :) I have no idea what they actually say or do so I am not sure if it is authentic pioneer/pilgrim play :) When I was done blogging we quickly did the paper routes, ate lunch, and then we loaded the car and headed back up to our latest favorite river spot by the Knightville Dam. The girls wanted to wear their pioneer skirts to the river so I let them. But they wisely abandoned the very long skirts once we got there. They were so excited to be there and so was I.

I had brought my box of cherries and my book club book but I ended up wading around,watching the girls, and soaking up the beautiful day instead of reading about Zombies and eating cherries. It was a perfect afternoon. I have no idea why river, sunshine, trees and a breeze can make me feel content. I have lots of fabulous memories from my childhood of rivers, rocks, trees, sunshine, and wading. I sat there on the perfect rock with my feet in the cool water thinking about feeling content and what makes me feel that satisfied, comfortable feeling.....rivers, ocean, trees, mountains, early morning, sunshine, snow, rain, the moon, a curvy road, radio cranked loud, wind, ferry boat rides, airports, airplane rides, hammocks, a view, a bonfire, raking leaves, headphones that make the music surround you in loveliness, rollercoasters, apricots, asparagus, avocado, steak, hiking, connecting with someone, and traveling. Whew, did you have any idea that you knew someone who had a "things that make me content list"? I know pretty nerdy, eh?

I think a day playing in the river is what a perfect childhood is all about. It was so fun to listen to them exclaim over the fish they were trying to catch, make up games, act out stories that involved rocks and water, tell stories about seeing a long water snake in the grass, and laugh with each other. None of us wanted to leave but real life has a way of reaching out and grabbing you and insisting on some attention so I finally herded them back to the car at 4:00.

Today is beach day. I am meeting friends at Exit 5 on the Mass Pike at 8:45am and we are heading to Crane Beach for a much looked forward to day. I can not wait to dig my feet into the sand and feel content two days in a row :) I have to confess that deep inside I know that the content is not as deep and whole as I would like it to be. There are things missing that would make it perfection which is one step above content if you were not aware of that scale :) But I am perfectly happy to see content because he is definitely one step up from despair which is where I had been ......bless my heart.

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