Aug 29, 2011

Have You Ever Noticed?? :)

One thing about what I have been through this summer is that it has made me very aware of when something makes me smile. And when I notice that something made me smile I have been making a note of it in my head. I have never done this before. Usually everything makes me smile but this summer I have learned a lot about not feeling like smiling and it has actually been good and has made me notice the little things so much more.

On our paper route we drive by a house that almost everyday I notice that the husband and wife are sitting in chairs just inside their garage. Just sitting there observing the world. Maybe they are chatting or maybe they just sit there in silence. Regardless, it always makes me smile and today I even heard a chuckle escape from my throat as I saw they were both wearing khaki pants and a white polo.

Last night I decided to watch Mama Mia. I forgot how delightful that movie is. There are several parts that make me grin from ear to ear. Yes, I do always sob when Meryl Streep sings The Winner Takes It All with such passion to Pierce Bronson. But the rest of the movie, the music, and the little asides, truly make me smile.

The other day I was riding in the car with Madeline on the way home from book club and she and I happened to notice a guy in a truck that was practically in the trunk of my car and as he passed by us in a huff we ended up having to stop at a stoplight next to him and as we stopped we looked over at the guy driving the truck and he looked over at us at the same time and we realized he was not too bad on the eyes and he realized Madeline was not to shabby either and Madeline and I bust up laughing as we all had this realization. It felt good to burst out in laughter.

I have taken to sitting on our front porch and thinking and as I was sitting there the other day I watched a little chipmunk come up out of a little hole and rest his little paws on the edge and just gaze at me like he wanted to have a conversation. It made me smile as I wondered if a chipmunk looking like he cared could count as a tender mercy? :)

When we mowed the lawn the other day Tatiana and Natalie spent forever out in the yard playing and when they came in Tatiana was telling me that they had been gathering the mowed grass and playing with it. I told her how I loved doing that when I was a kid. It seemed to give her courage when I said that and then she decided to come clean and told me that they had been picking things in the yard and making "salads." I smiled. And I told her how I totally remember making salads out of things I picked in the yard when I was a kid. It made me feel like going to play salad with them.....oh and then we could turn the bikes upside down and turn the pedals and make ice cream with ingredients from the yard too :)

Kid History makes me smile. When the college kids in my house come home from college they spend oh so many days treating us to discoveries they have made on Youtube while getting their education. The latest discovery is Kid history. And they brought that home in December. You must quickly go to Youtube and search for kid history and be prepared to laugh and laugh and laugh out loud. It feels so good. My kids love them and have introduced all their friends to them. I even exposed my parents to them and I think they liked them. You know that anxious feeling you have when you introduce someone to something you really like and you want them to like it too? And you wonder will they? I have yet to find anyone who does not laugh out loud at Kid history.

There is this word that Natalie made up and uses all the time that makes me smile. Whenever she wants to say the word without she instead says "forout" So she will say "I want my sandwich "forout" mustard." "Or I want to go to the store forout Tatiana." As often is with made up words we all use "forout" now and it really makes me smile.

It has been interesting to feel like I have been "forout" a smile for so long that I am actually noticing when I am smiling. I am amazingly grateful for the perspective :)

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Where did that "turn the bike/trike upside-down, turn the pedals to make icecream" come from? We totally did that too...We even had a song..."Icecream, icecream, who wants some icecream...." Erin