Aug 21, 2011

Some Shoes Just Need You.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were shopping with your mom and while shopping you saw something that you just fell in love with? Something that you could totally imagine yourself wearing. Something you just know would complete your image? Something that will make you famous? :) JOKING. But seriously, something that connected with you? I remember this happening a few times in my life. Often the free flowing dreamy happiness that I knew would come pouring in when I got the item of my dreams depended upon if I could get my mom to see the vision too.

Once when I was in Junior high I had a solo in a choir concert and I needed a new dress for the occasion, while shopping I found this amazing, "flowy", gauzy, white dress with short puffy sleeves. It was made by the brand Gunne Sax which was my brand of choice when I was a kid. I was so positive that when I went to the Academy Awards I would be wearing a dress made by Gunne Sax :) Anyway, I do not remember the conversation my mom and I had about this dress but I do remember her actually calling my dad from the mall (back in the day of ....gasp... no cell phones.) to ask him if she could purchase it for me. I think it was around $40.00 which was pretty unheard of when I was a kid. But I am happy to report that both of my parents saw the free flowing dreamy happiness that would come to me when I got this dress and it did became mine. I wore it, and wore it, and wore it clear into high school. LOVED this dress. I do not remember caring whether I looked great in this dress or not I just cared that I felt on top of the world when I wore it.

Once I saw a pair of jeans in the JC Penney catalog that had a roller skate embroidered on the back pocket, the girl in the catalog looked so happy wearing them that I could SO see myself at the roller skating rink, skating around with ALL my friends, wearing those fabulous jeans. This was one of those times when not one of my miserable, boring, non visionary parents agreed with me and those jeans that would have made all my dreams come true were never mine.

Just a few weeks ago when I was in Oregon thrift storing merrily away with my mother in Eugene I saw some shoes sitting in a shelf that, without a doubt, knew my name. I saw myself in these shoes. It did not matter what anyone thought of them I knew they were mine. Of course you hope for some validation and reassurance when you purchase but occasionally you just purchase because you just know and that was the story with these shoes. The great part about thrift storing is that you can often just do that because usually the price is "oh so right"and definitely not an issue in the decision making process. SO for $1.50 I really had no decision, the shoes were mine. My mom had some questions about the shoes as I would have too if one of my girls had shown the same shoes to me. They are suede and had a few spots on them but I would not be dissuaded from purchasing them. I never even sat them back down. Which is not really like me.

When I got home my dad took out his shoe cleaning basket which was full of all sorts of amazing things that I had no idea even existed on this planet and we brushed the shoes and rubbed a magic stone on the shoes (JK about the stone...we did rub the shoes with a magic blob of something I just do not remember what it was called.) But I had an enormous amount of hope in it. The shoes seemed to look a little better, but again, it did not really matter, I had already seen myself wearing them...for eternity :)

I have worn the magnificent shoes about 5 times since I got home from Oregon. No one has noticed them or said anything about them but I adore how I feel when I wear them. I have never ever owned a pair of red shoes. Red is my very favorite color. I love the thick chunky feel of these shoes. I love the confidence I feel when I see the red peeking at me when I look down at my feet. Yes, my life is complete :)


Farm Girl said...

I totally remember that white dress! Isn't it funny how certain items of clothing can make us feel so amazing!

C Tam said...

I am thinking the verb "thrift storing" is more correct than what I have previously been using ("thrifting") because afterall, I do say "I'm going yard saling," not "yarding." Thank you for enlightening me.