Sep 8, 2011


I have been ignoring my garden this summer....there I said it. In all my 20 plus years of gardening I have never, ever been able to say that. I guess there is a first time for everything, eh? As the evil bunnies systematically ate two plantings of peas and 6 rows of beans I felt discouragement take over and as it turned out, bunnies were the least of my worries this summer, and I finally just had to give up.

I finally decided just this last Saturday that enough was enough and I set out to face the very embarrassingly overgrown garden. I am not sure what I had been waiting for. Maybe I had read way too many church-y articles about people needing support and service and other people feeling prompted to show up to help and thought someone would show up and offer to weed along with me and listen to me talk in a most un-judging way :) Yeah, silly me, I tend to not embrace reality :) I filled our huge, wheelbarrow heaping full with weeds four times and that was not even half of the garden. Can I tell you how rewarding it was to rescue the poor little plants that were choking? It was so therapeutic to grab the base of those huge weeds with both hands and pull and pull and then to be rewarded with a beautiful open spot.

I decided you would still love me and not be too disappointed in me if I posted a picture of the part that is left for me to weed so you can see just how neglectful I have been. And hopefully you can feel better about the state of your garden.

I was curious to discover that despite the weeds I had a fabulous crop of potatoes. A overwhelming crop of cucumbers. And way too many tomatoes. And meandering all around the garden are the best pumpkin vines I have ever grown with huge pumpkins on them. So all was not lost. Definitely not pretty to look at but still fulfilled it's purpose.

I spent Tuesday canning tomatoes and got 20 pints from my first picking. I am going to have to find more tomato based recipes to use all these canned tomatoes :)

As I weeded my garden I found myself thinking about The Secret Garden. I can vaguely remember reading the book and I know I watched the movie and I found myself wondering if what I remembered was true. So today when I really should be weeding the rest of the garden I fear I am off to go sit on my bum and watch The Secret Garden. It seems like I remember the overgrown, hidden garden giving someone a focus, a goal, and some perspective but I could be, oh so, wrong :)

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