Sep 23, 2011

Plan B?

We have to talk about hot air balloons today. Why? Because I am ever so fond of torturing myself. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets calmly start at the beginning. I love hot air balloons. When I was a kid in Snohomish the hot air balloons would often fly over our house. You would be laying in bed on a Saturday morning and hear the sound of the hot gas being shot up into the balloon as it went over your house. A disconcerting sound if you do not know what it is. But once you know what it is you run to the window to see if you can see it and then you run outside to get the full view and see if it just might be the one that will land in your families lower pasture. I do not remember having a huge longing to go up in one but I do remember adoring watching them. I feel the same way about the ocean. I could sit and watch it for days but to actually get in it? Ummm yeah, not so much :)

As I grew up and moved away from Washington I have yet to live somewhere where my house has happened to be in the path the hot air balloons took so it has been years since I have seen one. It is a fond childhood/teenagerhood memory I have and I have really wanted my kids to have a chance to see hot air balloons.

 So last year about this time I saw a friend from Massachusetts post something on Facebook about a hot air balloon festival in New York. I was so interested. But I had already missed it for that year. So this year I had, "see a balloon festival" on the top of my list of things I HAD to do. I contacted that friend, researched, announced to the family many days ago that there was no choice... they were all coming, and I got the husband to procure a hotel room. Everything was set for the perfect weekend with hot air balloons ever. I have been so gosh darn excited. But I forgot one important have a chat with Mr. Weather. Hot air balloons can't play in the rain. It drives me crazy that I still do not know for sure what the weather will be on Saturday September 24th at 5:45am. It continues to fascinate me that I have not one ounce of common sense in my 4'10" body at all and I want to still go even though rain is in the forecast. I continue to be optimistic. But I was voted off the island :) and the hotel was cancelled and I am so sad.

I was determined to have a fun weekend so I got on the computer and started looking up things that were next on my list of "must do's". I would research and get all excited about a new plan and then have my practical, realistic husband remind me it was going to be raining as I continued to mindlessly choose outdoor activities. So look out Baird family because the next sunny weekend in New England we will be driving to WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island, a balloon festival wherever I can happen to find one in the continental United States, a hike in Vermont, and that awesome train ride in Stockbridge.....reality schmality :)

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C Tam said...

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Boise has a hot air balloon launch as part of their River Festival. It is pretty spectacular. And Boise is a desert, so you will NEVER be rained out. If you need friends in Boise, well, we are moving there in a few months. =)