Sep 6, 2011

Running Shoes.

I have known for awhile now that I needed running shoes. I actually had a pair picked out in May at Marshall's but when I went back to get them they were gone. I have a few issues that make it so shoe shopping in general, let alone, running shoe shopping has some serious obstacles.

The first issue is my shoe size which happens to be a kids size 2. Some of my shoes are three's, some are four's, I even went through a phase where I convinced myself I could wear a ladies size five but the truth of the matter is I wear a size two in kids. Yes, I could wear shoes that have Dora the Explorer or princesses on them if necessary......which is a very helpful thing to know.

I had a dear friend that alerted me to the fact that there are websites out there that have amazingly grown up looking shoes in my size but I have yet to commit to one of them. Instead I continue to wander aimlessly through the kid shoe sections in Kohls, JC Penney, Kid Footlocker, Marshall's, Lands End and oh so many more. Occasionally I will have amazing luck and find something that looks grown up-ish. It may have flowers on the bottom, so that I can leave enviable footprints wherever I go but all that matters is that on the surface it looks like a 42 year old woman's shoe. I have to say that this amazing luck with shoes happens very occasionally.

When I was a teenager I was known to stuff the toe of my shoes with toilet paper so that I could wear a shoe I adored but did not really fit me. I just needed to confess to you about that just here in the middle of my blog :)

An issue that comes with running shoe shopping is finding good running shoes for kids....ahem, that are not pink and are actually good running shoes like they would make for a serious running adult. Which I am hoping to be :)

Two weeks ago I spent way too much time in all the running shoe stores in the mall with Joseph, my 15 year old, and while I was waiting for him to look at every single shoe in every store I wandered over to my section and checked out what my options were. Everything was very trendy. With odd bottoms or colors or velcro :) Things that make the kids feel like they are going to die if they are not wearing them. I am not sure what a shoe would have to have to make a 42 year old woman die if she was not wearing them. Finally in one store on the clearance rack I saw a pair of Nike's that spoke to me. They were light. They could bend in half. They were gray. They were $39.99. I did not purchase them. WAIT....the story is not over :) If you are going to shop with me you have to know this is normal. I left them there. And the next two times I was in the store I looked at them again. I needed to know if they were going to be good running shoes. I knew I liked them otherwise. Finally, I ended up at the mall with my 20 year old daughter who ran on the BYU track team and she approved my shoes...I think it is called validation and reassurance :) And those two words were all I needed to purchase the Nike Glide 2's in gray.

Of course now that I have the running shoes I need running outfits. For the first time in years I am looking at running tights, running shorts, running shirts....gasp....without sleeves. I do not know why some of us think we need all the right things before something can happen :) But all the stores in the world must surely be grateful for us :)

I am going to take the best care ever of these shoes. They are not allowed in the garden or when I am doing yard work. I always end up wearing my "running shoes" everywhere until they become "everything shoes." But not these shoes. The other shoes in my closet are going to accuse them of being stuck up and it is going to be true...they are only for running :)

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