Sep 22, 2011

Use The Force

Yeah....I googled "Jedi mind tricks" and ended up spending the morning reading about the force. Wait, I can explain. I had a moment of desperation :) I can not seem to make my mind do what everyone else seems to think it should be easily doing and while I was dwelling on that concept for some reason the phrase Jedi mind tricks popped into my mind and I realized that I needed to google it.

I have a sneaking suspiscion that I may have a mind of my own....gasp. It is so fascinating to me how you can know something logically in your mind and yet have the hardest time actually doing it. I think about Luke Skywalker working and working on understanding the force while cruising through space on Han Solo's Millenium Falcon with Obi Wan. Trying to fight against that little gray floating ball while wearing that helmet on his head that covers his eyes. Being told to let go and trust his instincts. Yeah, easier said than done right Luke?

According to Wikipedia the force is all around us and a Jedi...or in this case, a Jennifer, gets her strength from the Force. The force is an energy field created by all living things, it binds everything together. Sometimes there are disturbances in the force and that occurs when there is a death or some intense suffering. There is force sensitivity which means you have a extra gift that makes it so you are ultra sensitive to the force and you have to learn how to harness this gift. If you have telekenisis, levitation, telepathy, increased empathy, basically any increase in natural, physical or mental abilities those all fall under the definition of force abilities. If I could figure out how to just let go and embrace the force I could easily launch proton torpedoes into a two meter wide thermal exhaust port on the Death Star if needed. That would be pretty sweet :) A definite confidence booster.

For now all I really need is the ability to feel and truly understand what I already know, being able to bring down the Death Star is undoubtedly in my future but lets start small. I desperately need a Yoda to help me steady my own mind and teach me how to use The Force to concentrate and be still. Remember when Luke's spaceship sinks in the swamp? Yoda tries to tell him that raising the ship out of the swamp is just like moving the little rocks he has been practicing moving. Luke declares that he will try and after a less than serious attempt he proclaims, "I can't" and simply walks away. While Luke is sulking Yoda sighs, closes his eyes, raises his little hand, does his Jedi mind "thing", and raises the ship out of the water.... Good times.

Yep, I definitely need to open the application process for a Yoda. I fear I may be as stubborn as Luke and it is possible that I may decide to disobey and run off to help my rebel friends but I think in the end it will be a rewarding job. I show lots of signs of being able to submit and concentrate. So if you are non judgemental, patient, unconditional and love frustration you should let me know.... we can watch all the Star Wars movies together before we start :)

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Camie said...

Hi Jen! We love Star Wars around here, and if you need some inspiration on using the force you should watch this: It's so cute!