Oct 18, 2011


Yesterday Natalie and her little friend wanted to go to the park. We live just a mere two miles from a truly amazing park with the first name of Stanley.....Stanley Park. Stanley Park is over 300 acres. Along most of its perimeter is a beautiful stone wall that I wish was mine. There are tons of trails. Numerous over fed ducks. A luscious wide open grassy spot. Gardens, ponds, fountains, flowers, huge frogs and ever so much more.

 I confess that it had been a long time since I had been to a playground at a park with my children. We seem to have outgrown that stage at our house. I chose a bench to sit on while Natalie and her friend ran to play. Gone are the days when I have to follow a child around at the park making sure they do not put anything gross in their mouth. Gone are the days when I have to follow them to make sure they do not hit someone they are not related too. Gone are the days when they need me to go down the slide with them. Gone are the days when I would meet several other moms at the park and we would chat. And on this particular day I discovered that also gone are the days they need me to push them on the swing. Natalie knew how. I am going to sheepishly declare that I do not know how she learned how to pump on the swing so beautifully. It made me feel a little melancholy that my last child knew how to pump on the swing. I sat there on my bench feeling the wind blowing the clouds across the sun you know so that you feel a burst of warmth and a burst of cool as the clouds cover and uncover the sun. One of those moments you have a feeling you will remember. I always remember where the sun was and how it felt in moments that were important to me :)

Through my mind ran so many memories of park visits in the past. Care free park visits that seem so far away now. I had brought two books to read while Natalie and her friend played but I found that the notion of putting one more thing in my head did not appeal to me at the moment so I just sat. Sometimes I found myself observing all the little personalities at the playground recognizing exactly what sort of grown ups those personalities would be when they grew up. You know....the ones who go up the slide and ruin it for those of us that are coming down :) Or the ones who block the top of the slide demanding a password. Or, my personal favorite, the ones who declare everything is base when they are playing tag. Sometimes I found myself just staring off into the distance deep in thought. For awhile I watched a pink balloon that was blowing all around the playground entertaining a little boy who thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. The balloon was very mesmerizing. And I was interested that it did not frustrate the little boy that the wind continued to blow the balloon out of his reach. I watched a dad go down the slide and land on his bum on the ground at the bottom :) I watched two teenage boys swing as high as they could and then see who could leap the farthest.....that brought back fond memories. Another thing that brought back memories was a kid laying on his stomach on the swing winding himself up and then letting go...spinning endlessly in circles. The circle thing always made me sick but I do love to lay on my stomach on the swing and stare at the ground and run my feet up and back, swing, and then drag my feet through the playground bark. Speaking of circles Natalie and her friend wanted to go on the tire swing. I did push them for that. They leaned back and closed their eyes and my instructions were to surprise them with a push...so that they would not know when I was going to spin them.
We only stayed about 45 minutes but the views were endless and strangely therapeutic. How will I justify the playground when they are all gone? :)

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Joan said...

No justification needed...just go. Besides, before long you will have grandbabies to take to the park :)