Oct 10, 2011

It Does Not Happen Often :)

Okay, I do not want you to panic but I may or not be going to blog about craft projects today. I have told you many times before that I am a "wanna be" craft girl. I buy fabric. I buy paper with prints on them. And occasionally I do things with them. But it does not come naturally. I am not the type to just let those creative juices flow. Nope, if I craft, and when I craft it is because I have very detailed instructions written out for me...preferably with pictures...even better is a step by step how to video ....even better than that is a craft loving kind of friend who will hold my hand while I craft.

 Usually the notion to craft at our house is accompanied with a child's birthday and this time it is Tatiana's birthday. She wanted to have some craft projects to do with her friends. It took me a couple days to get up my courage and then when I knew it simply would not go away I took a deep breath and went to the Family Fun website. There were ever so many adorable things to make. I printed off 7 ideas and presented them to Tatiana. She was instructed to choose two.

 The first one she chose involved acorns. Which I was delighted about because we have gazillions of acorns in our yard. I have to tell you that the acorn project had a warning attached to it. A warning about worms inside the acorns. The instructions were to freeze or bake the acorns to kill the possible worm inside otherwise you would have trouble. Worms crawling out of your acorns trouble. So when I finally got Tatiana to choose her crafts I did not have much time to collect the acorns from the yard, wash them and then freeze them for a day, defrost them and then pre-paint them. So I hurried out to our front yard to gather acorns in the rain. Sigh, the things a mother will do. Gathering them and killing worms inside of them was the least of my troubles. Remember that I had to paint them orange? Yeah, try to hold an acorn and paint it. Very difficult. So let me tell you what I ended up doing because it will make you so happy when and if you ever end up painting acorns. Get a trusty safety pin, poke the sharp end into the soft bottom of the acorn where it will stay nicely while you hold the top of the safety pin and paint the acorn.

 It took at least two coats to cover each acorn adequately. They were painted orange so they would look like pumpkins. They were so little and cute. It was worth the agony of painting each one twice. Oh and there is more agony, I had to figure out how to dry them without setting them down, and guess how one does that? They get out their trusty blow dryer and hold each painted acorn and blast it with hot air. Yes, we always pamper our acorns at the Baird house. And here is the finished, well loved, pampered acorn craft project.

The second project involved begging my friends for milk cartons. And then all it required was a sharpie and a sharp knife to cut a hole in the milk carton. Okay, and a little bit of experimenting to make sure I could burn a candle inside a milk carton...which is working out splendidly...so far :) I have no idea how, or who comes up with these ideas but I am duly impressed.
I adore these ghosts. The hardest part of them was getting a good picture of them. I confess I have a longing to make a gazillion of them. I used solid white milk cartons and the normal more translucent milk cartons and both turned out well. Tonight, Tatiana and her friends each made one and they looked so fabulous all lined up on my porch. I stood out there way too long staring at them.

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