Oct 13, 2011

Running And Ragnar.

So what do you know about running? My parents started us in a running program when we were kids. It was the first organized activity I remember doing. I ran the 50 and the 100 yard dashes and loved it. I did pretty well until everyone else grew longer legs. I remember running...ahem, chasing boys....on the playground in elementary school and other kids marveling at how fast I ran. I loved the feeling of never getting caught. I thought I was on top of the world as I flew around that playground in little old Sedro Woolley, Washington.

 I have lots of ribbons in a scrapbook somewhere commemorating my track running years. I started on the track team in high school but I confess to you that I gave up pretty quickly when I realized I could not get by on sheer talent anymore that I would also have to work? WHAT? So I decided music was my thing and never looked back at track.

 My sisters all ran track very successfully in high school. My sister Rebecca still runs and actually will be running in the Boston Marathon next year. My dad ran in high school. My kids have all dabbled in track....except Joe. Madeline even ran on the BYU track team for awhile. I run from reality :) I guess the point is running seems to be all around me. I have recently found myself longing to understand it and embrace it.

 As seems to be my way I have been asking anyone I can all about their running philosophy, reading about it, and meditating about it for a few months now but still no action :) I got new shoes....so I guess that could be action. I ride 6 or so miles on my bike several days a week maybe that could be action? :) I seem to think I need proper running clothes before I can start. Stalling? I hope not :) I have a goal in mind. And that goal is Ragnar. Have you heard of it? Ragnar is when you gather with eleven, non judgemental, loving friends and run about 200 miles, relay style, with them. You share your hopes and dreams with them. You let them smell your sweat for 24 hours. You let them watch you snore in the car between race legs. It speaks to me. Madeline has run Ragnar for the last couple years and Amanda ran last year, Zach even ran one leg with Madeline just for fun. I volunteered last year and that is when I caught the vision of the absolute blast it was. I confess that I am more in it more for the bonding than the running. But I would love to be able to have successfully accomplished this race. Have I ever run a long distance race before? Ummm no. I keep looking at the Ragnar website and reading their training schedule and looking at my calendar and penciling things in thinking that I can so do this. I have felt so confident and in control until my darling other half pointed out that I am almost 43 and have not run like this before. Then I found worry creeping in. Not my favorite feeling. I tend to be an overly optimistic person never ever considering any side other than the positive. I REALLY want to run Ragnar. The race has a different course this year and is going to be run through Plymouth, Massachusetts and up Cape Cod to end in Provincetown which sounds like such a beautiful and fascinating course to me. But now I find myself questioning my abilities and I hate that part.

I need to stop worrying about if I have the right sports bra or the right shorts. I need to stop worrying about someone seeing me running and I need to just start with baby steps and not worry about anything else. Anyone I talk to who is now a successful runner always tells how they started out slow and how they could barely run a mile when they started. I used to long for time to do things like this and believe me now I have the time so I have no excuse....is fear an excuse? Is running alone an excuse? Is needing something to hold my music on an excuse? Is running though a constant fog an excuse? Is feeling a little broken an excuse? Yeah, look out Ragnar Relays Cape Cod here comes Jennifer, maybe you are just the thing she needs :)


Camie said...

Jenn--you are going to love it!! Matt and I ran Ragnar here last summer and it was so fun!! I think the hardest thing about it isn't the running, but the lack of sleep and the wierd system you get from not eating normally for 24 hours! good luck--have fun training!

Rebecca said...

Go Jenni! You can totally do it! I just read about a lady who started running at 58 and is still running marathons at 83! So you are a young running babe at 43! :)