Nov 22, 2011

Taylor And The Baird's :)

Let's talk about concerts. Have you ever been to one? My ability to converse about concerts is very limited. The first concert I ever attended was when I was in high school. I happened to be in Utah and my cousins happened to have mercy on me and invited me to go with them to the ski slopes of Park City where Tears For Fears were were having a concert. I do not remember too much about the concert but I do remember flying down the road before the concert in someones car with all the windows down and the song Tears For Fears sings that has the words "Shout,shout let it all out" blaring and all of us singing along.

My next concert experience was also in high school, it was summer and it involved the Beach Boys and the Puyallup fair grounds. I very vaguely remember this one. I know one of my Young Women leaders at church took me and I know my friend Jenny Small was with me but that is about all I remember.

My third concert experience was when I was in my thirties and it involved about nine other girl friends, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and T-shirts that spelled out "We love you Donny"....yeah, Donny Osmond.

So now that you are up to speed and all done laughing about my concert experiences let me tell you about my latest experience and my new totally unrealistic new goal.....yes, I have not learned about reality yet :)

It all started this summer when I got a phone call, while I was in Oregon, from my oldest daughter Madeline who needed to know, right away, if I wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert with her, Miriam, and Amanda on November 21st in New York City. I was in. But November seemed so far away I could barely give it any attention. But before I knew it November was here and starting on about November 10th I started to feel a little anxious about the details of how this whole, "concert in New York City thing", was going to work out. But thankfully Madeline was able to recognize that my usually detail oriented mind was still on it's 6 month vacation and she figured everything out. You see, you have to think about parking, and crowds, and money, and time when you go to a concert in New York City.....lots of logistics.

So yesterday at 11:45 I picked up Amanda from school we then picked up Madeline and Miriam from work and then we drove an hour and a half down Route 91 to New Haven, Connecticut to attempt something we had never attempted before.......taking a train into the city. Usually we drive right into the city and park. But I have ALWAYS wanted to take the train. There are some things you just know in your heart that need to try. It was so much easier than I had expected. You park your car next to Union Station. You purchase a $28.00 round trip ticket on the Metro North train, you get on the next departing train with your three oldest daughters and you soak up every single bit of the hour and a half ride that takes you straight to Grand Central Station in New York City.

When we got to New York City we were early. You may want to note that that will always happens when you invite me to go with you. We decided to walk from Grand Central Station to Madison Square Garden which was three blocks over and ten blocks up or was it ten blocks down? :) It was a nice evening. Not to cold, not to hot. A lot of the Christmas Windows were already up in the big department stores like Macy's and Lord and Taylor. I love being able to take my time and not have a care in the world when I am in New York City. We got to Madison Square Garden two hours before they started seating for the concert so we walked around, asked the security guards all sorts of questions since we do love details and knowing how things work and then we decided to go get something to eat.

When I am in New York City I like to make sure I never eat at a chain restaurant but I did not even tell my girls about this notion I have as we dashed into a Five Guys and ate.

Then we headed back a few blocks to Madison Square Garden. My girls all wanted Taylor Swift t-shirts so we used all our extra time to stand in line for those and we also used that waiting in line time to start taking in the sights. I think since we are concert virgins it immediately took us all by surprise the lengths people will go to for a concert. As person after person walked past us in t-shirts proclaiming their love for Taylor, outfits copying outfits Taylor has worn in the past, hair curled just like hers, posters with lights all over them, signs, and more signs. We started to feel vaguely out of place because we were not obsessive about Taylor Swift in any way. I felt that anxious feeling mom's feel when they realize they did not prepare their children for an experience....I mean if I had only known I could have given them a small hope that they could draw enough attention to themselves that someone would see them and invite them to meet Taylor backstage after the concert and then they could be best friends with her forever...right?

When we finally got to our seats we were pleasantly surprised that we had good seats. We sat there for two hours watching fan after fan file in and find their seats. We saw poster after poster pop up all around the arena. We watched the opening acts...Adam Brand and Need To Breathe....both were very good. There was plenty of fascinating people watching to be had.

I was stunned at all the people and all the noise they could make for one 5'11", curly hair, 21 year old girl. Remember my concert experience is very lacking. When Taylor Swift finally came on stage she completely mesmerized me for 2 hours I felt my world changing. I am 43 years old and I could not believe what I had been missing out on all these could I have thought that driving down a curvy, dark road with my music turned up way loud was the best thing ever? :)

There were fireworks, there were dancers, there was oh so much hair flipping :) there was guest singer which just happened to be the lead singer for the Goo Goo Dolls, there was Taylor bearing her soul to ME about how hopelessly romantic she is and why she felt inclined to write the words to the songs that she did, there was thousands singing along to her songs, there were glow in the dark things all over the auditorium making it look so fabulous, feeling all that power in one very big room was pretty darn amazing.

 The few times I happened to look at my three girls I had to smile as I realized that we were so alike. None of us are inclined to being crazy or drawing attention to ourselves. We all stood there, sang our guts out, clapped, raised our arms when Taylor told us too,and occasionally screamed.... but no spontaneous dancing for the Baird bunch, no rushing to try to touch the aforementioned famous person just quiet happiness :)

I watched all the future concerts at the Garden and at Radio City Music Hall flash up on the screen while waiting for the concert to begin and found myself trying to figure out how I could make it to see Lady Antebellum in May...Swedish House Mafia on December 16th, Kelly Clarkson on January 21st, and oh so much more.