Jan 6, 2012

Both Kinds Of Signs.

This morning I happened to be browsing through pictures from the summer and found a couple pictures of signs and I wanted to share them with you. I love signs. I love information and signs always give you information. I am always looking for signs :)  The more I go to New York City the more I discover things. The first couple of times we went to the city we were focused on going to the main tourist places like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and such but as we have now been to all of those places I find myself noticing more obscure things like signs on buildings and street signs. I love to take the time to stop and read them.
This sign was on a building across the street from Grand Central Station. I had heard Nathan Hale's last words (which are on the bottom of this sign) so many times but it all of a sudden they became real to me as I was standing near the spot realizing what they really meant. It was morning and the sun was peeking just around Grand Central Station and my sister and Gail and I almost walked right past this sign. But I am so glad we noticed it and stopped and read it.

The second sign I have a picture of is from my long awaited excursion to the Brooklyn Bridge. I had spent the summer finishing the book by McCullough about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a fascinating book that made the Roebeling's my heroes. Here is the sign.....oh drat you can not see it very well let me tell you what it says:  "The builders of the bridge dedicated to the memory of Emily Warren Roebling 1843-1903 Whose faith and courage helped her stricken husband CCL.Washington A. Roebling C.E 1837-1926 complete the construction of this bridge from the plans of his father John A Roebling C.E 1806-1869 Who gave his life to the bridge "Back of every great work we can find the self sacrificing devotion of a woman" When Washington Roebeling became so sick from the bends his wife helped carry on the work on the bridge and wrote out his notes for him among many other things. I can not do her justice in this blog that is supposed to be about signs but I stood there on the mighty Brooklyn Bridge reading this sign and thought about Emily and what an amazing woman she was and how great it was that the bridge was dedicated to her.

This last sign was just begging me to take it's picture :) New Yorkers do love to honk their horns :)

What about the other kind of signs? Yeah, you know the kind of signs you watch for and that often confirm something to you :) Today I had to drive to New Hampshire for an appointment and as I was coming home I was driving on the Massachusetts Pike heading west into the setting sun and the most amazing sunset burst across the sky...all shades of orange and pink brilliantly streaking across the sky and tinting the clouds. It honestly took my breath away. My mind had been mulling over all I had discussed in my appointment and the gorgeous sunset seemed to be just for me...a sign that someone was aware of me. yeah, I do love signs.

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