Jan 10, 2012

A Letter To Perspective.

Dear Mr. Perspective,

I realize that no one has verified what your gender actually is but I like to think of you as a guy so I chose to address you as Mister Perspective.... I hope that is okay :) I also took the liberty of running some background checks on you. I needed to know what you really mean now that I am 43 and realize you and I should have been better friends :) First I checked the dictionary and read a description of you. You are so lucky that people can do that to understand you. I wish my friends could go to dictionary.com and search my name and find a good description of what I mean. But anyhow I discovered that one way to describe you is that you can be a visible scene especially one that extends into the distance. Then I saw that you are also a way of regarding situations, facts, etc and judging their relative importance. Then I saw this and it really connected with me and I decided this would be my favorite way to describe you, "the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it." After I picked my favorite definition it was of utmost importance that I check out the other words that were synonymous with you....your friends can say a lot about you....and your friends/synonyms were proportion, viewpoint, landscape, attitude, prospect, overview and panorama. Your antonyms/opposites of you were not to be found apparently you are an analytical viewpoint and because of that you have no direct opposite...drat I really like to know the opposite :)

When I think of you Mr. Perspective I think of  how often in my past I should have asked myself, "Does this really matter?" I feel like if someone has perspective they are able to face life and sort things easily into...things that matter versus things that don't. You and I both know that I have never been so good at that. Remember high school? And that thing called grades? If one has perspective they see what good grades will bring them in the future. I only saw my immediate relationships/friendships when I looked at the view not my grades and college and self confidence :) What about all those times when I spent money on something I thought I needed right now and if I had only had perspective how rich I would be :) There are so many times along the way that one needs to stop and use perspective. To get perspective the experts say you have to:

 Take a weekend away.
The word on the street is that if you do this it will renew you and give you some clarity....I would love to be given some clarity :) So Mr. Perspective where shall we go on our weekend away? I am thinking Maine :)

 Schedule thinking time.
I wish I would have understood about 24 years ago the importance of thinking time. A time to ask myself if I feel unhappy about anything. A time to wonder what is going well and what isn't.

 Write in a journal.
What? Yeah you read that right. I was a great journal writer eons ago except for one small detail I mostly wrote surface things....too afraid that someone would read what I really thought or what I was really going through. Silly me. Yes, I know better now but that does not help the years I lost with perspective. Journal writing is apparently an amazing way to get perspective. Just think Mr Perspective if I could have been honest in my journal you and I could have had so many fond memories. You could have given me so much :)

Be brave.
Yeah this one is brutal. It involves things like facing relationships that are hard. It could mean admitting something. It's standing up for yourself and even possibly turning down other people's requests. It definitely involves the H word...honesty.

So Mr. Perspective I am so glad that now I understand and now when my silly old mind tries to get me away from you I can grab it by the throat and glare at it and say "Will this really matter in a day? A month? A year?" I am ever so sorry that I continually threw you under the bus Mr Perspective. I did not understand how if I had you I could have made better choices...yeah, way better choices. So basically I just need you to be my best friend and stop giving away perspective to everyone else...okay? :)

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