Jan 1, 2012

Moving On :)

New Years Eve. This year was oh so quiet. Not really my style but necessary. I was in my cozy flannel pajamas and my white hat ( yes, I wear it in the house since the thermostat is set at 62). I was with Tatiana and Natalie. No yummy food just some fruit snacks....they were Motts not Welchs so don't feel bad for me :) We watched Coldplay play their hearts out in Austin, Texas....and I resolved to own every CD they have ever made....actually I may own them all? Seriously, their music truly speaks to me. And apparently Coldplay speaks to Natalie too because she wanted to know when we could go see them in person :)

At 11:30 we watched Dick Clark's New York City thingy. I resolved to be there next year. That looks just too fun to pass up. And I live close enough to be there so there is no excuse to not be there. I just need to find a crowd loving friend who would do anything for me to come along. So please sign up :)

Last year at this time I was in Northampton, Massachusetts watching their cute little ball drop from their hotel in town. There was a crowd with a college feel to it since The University of Massachusetts and Smit College are near by. We stood in the middle of the closed off street, it was oh so cold, the ball dropped so fast I missed it, and I remember a wave of lonely coming over me as midnight came...weird huh? I had a few of my kids with me and some friends. I do love to get out on New Year's Eve.

In Indiana we had some friends who had a fun New Years Eve party that we attended every year we lived there. Lots of families, games, tons of construction paper confetti, the ball drop on the TV, tons of food...truly epic and memorable.

My earliest memory of New Years Eve is a party at my friend Evelyn's house in California when I was twelve or thirteen. It was a bunch of my church friends. There were a lot of firsts for little old Jennifer that night. And yes, my mom will probably read this but it was the night of my first kiss and also the first time I had ever acquainted myself with the game Spin The Bottle....it is important to remember the first time you learned of this game :) My friends frantically hid that bottle in a pillowcase when their mom came upstairs to check on the party and I ended up getting hit in the head with that pillowcase, pillow, and bottle later on in the party during the pillow fight part of the party :) 

I also vaguely remember a New Years Eve when I was at an enormous dance somewhere in Western Washington State. I remember vividly...definitely not vaguely... what I wore that night because it was the first time I had shoes that actually went with an outfit. The shoes were red, the dress was black with red flowers, and I had red belt that matched the shoes. I also remember standing there awkwardly with a boy from my ward at church when midnight came and everyone else was kissing and we were best friends without benefits :)

Tatiana had that realization come to her this year that not everyone celebrates New Year's eve at the same time. So we talked about time zones and how we celebrate the New Year first on the east coast and how grandma and grandpa in Oregon are the last ones on mainland United States to celebrate New Years Eve.

2011 taught me way too much about the words longing, perspective, pain, understanding, confidence, determination, honesty, and suppressing. Because of 2011 for the rest of my life I will wonder about everyone else's secret pain they carry. I wonder what 2012 will do to top the growth and refinement that adorable 2011 taught me :) Bless it's heart :)

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