Jan 13, 2012

No Leaves.

I have come to an interesting realization as I have been driving around Massachusetts this winter...are you ready for this? :) I have decided.....dramatic pause.....that I LOVE trees with no leaves. I know, I know it is possible I maybe broken :) A few days ago I wandered aimlessly into my backyard and decided to lay on the trampoline and as I looked up at all the naked trees I realized I love seeing their shape.....when they are covered with leaves you just don't know who they really are. I ran back inside to get my camera so I could take some pictures. I am not sure why their stark reality speaks to me lately. When I look at the mountain behind my house that is covered with trees all with no leaves I find myself adoring the gray color that stretches across the mountain.
I wonder if anyone has ever written poetry about naked winter trees? :) If I could through in some lines about the smell of pine and campfire I might be able to pull it off :)


Tatiana said...

mom you should go deeper into the woods then. I do it all the time it's nice and quiet. you would be surprised :) Tatiana

Kristy said...

I also love to see the trees' shapes in the winter. I am also writing a blog entry today because I know that you will read it! No one else has seen my blog in over a year, but I know I can count on my Jennifer. :)