Jan 11, 2012

Second Hand.

I have decided that I am going to try to make every other Wednesday , "Shop at the Salvation Army Store Day." Not just any Salvation Army store but the one in Hadley that is about 25 minutes from my house. Why specifically Wednesday? Because, silly goose, on Wednesday there are four colored tags that are all half price not just one colored tag like Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, oh no Wednesday is the day ...it is the thrift store on steroids day :) I only wish that I was the only one who knew about it :)

I grew up thrift storing. Anytime we needed anything the thrift stores were the first stop. I was never very good at it. My sisters always seem to find everything cool. We would all frantically search for the Esprit, the Asmile, the Jordache and the Gunne Sax brands so that we would have bragging rights :) When we all get together now we still go thrift storing except now we search for Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Adidas, The Gap and more. I have dabbled in thrift storing a little bit since I have been married and had kids but not to the point that I have had an actual day set aside for it. But it must once again be the season of my life for thrift storing and I think I may be addicted :)

The minute Natalie got on the school bus at 8:30 am I grabbed my coat and headed out the door. The drive to Hadley is one of  my favorites and oh so therapeutic. The sky was clear today, the sun was shining, it was perfect. When I got to the Salvation Army I felt that familiar anxious feeling in my stomach as I saw the very full parking lot and imagined all those people finding all MY glorious finds. The minute I walk in the thrift store I always get another wave of that anxious feeling as I find myself wanting to be in the housewares, the books, the kids clothes, and the skirts all at the same time and that is just not humanly possible. So today I decided to focus and start in the jeans. I own one pair of jeans. They are not very stylish and since I have recently lost weight I have been longing for some decent jeans but I hated to pay full price for them. There were racks and racks of them and I decided to look at every single pair while listening to the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's music playing throughout the store. I love listening to the little old people singing along to the tunes.I smile to myself at the quirky employees who follow me down the aisle fixing the shirts back on the hangers properly after I disturb them. After checking out every pair of jeans available I perused sweats, shirts, skirts, kids clothes, books, furniture and then back to shirts. I stared longingly at a bench that I knew would be perfect for my front porch but it was $56.00 and this girl is just not spending that for a bench even though I know that bench loved me with all its heart. In the book section I was ecstatic when I found a copy of The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes a children's book that I remember my mother reading to me when I was a kid. I have been trying to collect the books that I remember my mom reading to me when I was a kid so I was....oh yeah, I already told you that I was ecstatic. I also found two pair of jeans, three shirts, a Gap dress for Tatiana, a snowsuit, and three children's books all for $23.00.

I am not sure what has inspired the renewed interest in second hand things but I am having a ball. Saturday I stopped at two antique stores that I literally pass at least four times a day. I hated that I always wanted to stop and never had. I was rewarded for my time and I found two amazing baskets This one was three dollars and I love it. I brought it home and carefully washed it and wondered to myself what it's story was.
This basket told to me ever so politely that it really wanted to carry my stuff to church so since it could talk I immediately bought it for $5.00.

My eyes have been opened to all the many things I can do with what I find at the second hand store and all the money I can save... so that I can have more money to buy cans of spray paint for all my fabulous second hand finds :)

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Rebecca S. said...

Gotta find a good second hand store around here!