Jan 2, 2012

Seed Catalogs

I must confess that I have an addiction to seed catalogs. I love them with all my might. Three of them came this week and when they come I am so happy. I carry them with me everywhere I go. The more glossy the catalog, the bigger and more colorful the pictures, the worse it is. I read every description. I take a pen and circle everything I love.  Just like Natalie circles everything in the American Girl catalogs that come for her. Tonight as I was poring over the Burpee Seed catalog I found myself smiling as I realized, yet again, that I am all talk and no action. I make lists of what I am going to buy in these catalogs.....detailed perfectly neat lists. But I never, ever...gasp.....actually buy from them. I was wondering about this fact tonight as I was imagining what it must be like to get seeds in the mail. And right then and there I forced myself to figure out why I never purchase form them and the reason is... that I like to nickel and dime myself. Even though I may end up spending exactly the same amount of money in the end I can not bear spending that big amount up front. And that is the only thing that keeps me from ordering from these catalogs. I live in fear every year that the companies will take me off their mailing lists not knowing that just because I do not order from them does not mean I do not NEED them in my mailbox :)

I stare at each picture of each vegetable, annual, perennial, and fruit in these catalogs. I read about what they need to be happy. I imagine them in my garden looking exactly like their picture in the catalog...of course :) I wonder about all the varieties and how they all came to be...what really are the differences? Burpless cucumbers or not? Determinate tomatoes or not? Hybrid or heirloom? So many words for the girl who wants to garden perfectly and yet understands that it is not possible....too many factors to long for perfection :)

I have many garden plans this year. I am going to expand the raspberries. Figure out why the blueberries are unhappy. Fight the bunny rabbits. Move the achillea and split it. Find some free bricks and carefully line 9 beds in my garden. Put up a fence. Plant loads of flowers. And attempt the cold frame venture yet again :)

So I am off to make another list of the things I need from the Burpee catalog and maybe this year since I have a free shipping coupon on page 20 that is good until the 15th of February I may get up my courage to actually order form the catalog and then I could write a fabulous post on how it feels to get a box of seeds and potato tubers in the mail. And then when people are standing around talking and asking other people about receiving seeds and tubers in the mail I can participate in the conversation :)

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