Feb 24, 2012

A Day In Vermont.

The view of the back of one of the buildings at Joseph Smith Birthplace.
About four weeks ago I planned yesterday. It is winter break in New England and I wanted to plan at least one fun thing for me, Tatiana, and Natalie to do. If gas prices were not so silly I would have planned many more fun things. But I had to be happy with one. I know the purpose of winter break in New England is for people to take a break from winter and go south for warmth but we are not true New Englander's and we blissfully headed North to Vermont. We live two hours and 10 minutes from South Royalton, Vermont which is where Joseph Smith's birthplace is. I have been to all of the Mormon church history sites multiple times and this one continues to be my second favorite. It is a calm, incredibly peaceful place on the top of a mountain surrounded by trees. The tour guides always have great stories. It is rarely crowded there... yesterday we actually got the whole place to ourselves ....although I confess I always visit when there is still snow on the ground so maybe that is why it is never crowded....is there ever not snow on the ground in Vermont? :)

 The drive to Vermont from Massachusetts is amazing.....I think you pass about 50 buildings the entire way :) Yes, I am exaggerating :) But it truly is tree, after tree, after tree, after tree but that is not even the best part. The best part is the mountain after mountain. And then the very tall bridges you drive across are at least the third best part. The views are inspiring. It makes me long to be a photographer.....which I am most assuredly not :) I confess I have never taken this drive when the trees have actually had leaves on them and I still think it is one of the most beautiful drives ever. You pass lots of moose crossing signs and a few bear crossing signs that never cease to make me long for a good bear or moose story :) Actually all the signs said Moose Crossing and then all of a sudden we passed this one sign that simply declared "Moose".....it made me smile and muse out loud about why the word crossing did not make it to that sign :)

After we checked out everything in the visitors center, watched the, totally worth your time, hour long movie about Joseph Smith's life and soaked up all the peacefulness we could we loaded up the big 15 passenger van and added another hour of driving onto our day so that we could say we had been to the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Waterbury, Vermont.

Can you see Tatiana and Natalie? :)
 Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory has been on my to do list for a long time and I was determined to make it there this time I was in Vermont. I think it was totally worth my time. I do not know why I was surprised at how you could not look anywhere at Ben and Jerry's without seeing black and white cow patterns..... they are, without a doubt, very loyal to the source of their main ingredient for their ice cream. There were cows drawn on the walls everywhere and employees dressed in cow print togas (to celebrate the new Greek frozen yogurt) and so forth all mixed in with lots of other colors....very colorful place. Since it was Vermont it probably goes without saying that the factory was on top of a hill. The tour was not to long and not to short...just right. I got all the facts that my mind seems to crave...top ten ice cream flavors...when free cone day is...that they got their money for their new plant from offering a Vermont residents only public stock offering.....and all other sort of things that I will not bore you with but I could have a somewhat intelligent conversation with you about Ben and Jerry's if you like :) The flavor we got to sample at the end of the tour involved mint and chocolate chunks so I was supremely happy.....it was a very generous sample but I got greedy and ended up making the mistake of ordering a small cone of the aforementioned flavor and making myself sick...no one can accuse Ben and Jerry's of skimping on their serving sizes...it took me forever to finish that small cone. When we came out of the tour it was snowing like crazy. I have no idea why it delighted me to be at an ice cream factory eating ice cream while it was seriously snowing but it did. I missed seeing the graveyard that they have for retired flavors so I will be going back to Ben and Jerry's in the future...maybe I will actually go when the leaves are on the trees and there is not a hint of snow so I can give you my opinion of Vermont in another season :)

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Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I heard about Krispy's experience with Ruby!! I'm glad you were able to continue on and enjoy the rest of your trip... I'm sad I wasn't there:(