Feb 9, 2012

Three Hours At The High School.

Last night was Amanda's induction into National Honor Society. Even though I went to high school thousands of miles away from Massachusetts in Washington State every time I go to any high school for my kids events it manages to throw me back to the late 80's.

 We got to the high school at 5 and the event started at 6. I had brought a book so I could read while I was waiting. But I had forgotten how I can not resist the urge to people watch. Once the program started I watched these 60 kids that were getting inducted with keen interest. Each of the kids chooses a friend of theirs to read 8 or so sentences about their accomplishments up to this point in their lives to show that they without a doubt qualify for National Honor Society. Some told about how their friend qualified because they could eat 12 donuts and then run the mile in under 5 minutes. Some told about how their friend qualified because they went running with them through Stanley park in Speedos. Most of the qualifications were not so fun and just endless lists of clubs they were members of and sports teams they were on. Sixty kids + 8 or so sentences per kid really took a lot of time but I did not mind the hours that went by, it was so fascinating. I saw so many personalities. I noticed at least 40 girls whose mom's did not educate them about the hazards of wearing a short skirt on a stage. I marveled at the enormous lists of accomplishments of these kids. I had fun trying to match the kids up with their twin in my high school class...the jocks, the musicians, the class clowns....etc. I wondered if they realized what an amazing place they are in...the world is wide open to them...they can pretty much do anything they want to do. I was surprised at how they had each others personalities figured out and could testify to each other's characters. Some of the kids were quiet. Some were outgoing. Some proclaimed to want to be famous when they grew up. A lot wanted to be engineers. Several wanted to be vets. Some had been friends for life. I wonder where they will all be in 5 years? I observed where my child fit in. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn from watching. I could pick out immediately the kids everyone is naturally drawn to. The ones with the easy smiles. I could pick out the ones that not many kids relate to. I could pick out the ones who like themselves and the ones who are not sure who they are. I had no idea you reveal so much about yourself by what you wear, how you walk, and where your eyes go when you talk. Yeah, seriously, do you wonder if I was paying attention at all? Sort of funny to sit there thinking all these thoughts and oh so many more and not a single person had any idea :)

I was grateful when the Mayor of Westfield reminded them that their lists of accomplishments did not matter near as much as their characters. He also listed some famous people who were members of the Nationl Honor Society when they were in High School....Meryl Streep, Alan Alda, Troy Aikman, Katie Couric and Cindy Crawford were a few on that list....I do love information and lists :)

Amanda and I spent $5.79 at the Wendy's drive thru on the way home. I did not buy her flowers or a Pandora bracelet and charms for her accomplishment. I hope I have not ruined my kids because I am not into all those outward signs.

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Kristy said...

Way to go, Amanda ... and Jenn, the mom who made it possible!