Feb 20, 2012

Yes, I "Pin It" Do You?

It really is so NOT me to blog about crafts. It also is so not me to be proud of a craft I made. But I must tell you about what I have made that I am a little bit proud of :) It all started with the evil, addictive Pinterest. Actually I should take that back....the evil part...not the addictive part...because addictive is oh so true but evil not so much. You see I can justify the addictive because it is useful addictive not destructive addictive (which I regret to inform you I am also an expert in :)  It is useful because now when I Google building a fence, making a brick walkway, sewing curtains, painting my trim, a recipe, a place I want to take the kids, silly or meaningful quotes, a book I do not want to forget to read I can "pin it" to one of my boards on Pinterest and it is all in one place and I can find it again easily. Having all the things I love all in one place has also strangely motivated me to be productive. I think it is another way I justify Pinterest. You know if you actually accomplish what you "pin" then it is useful...right? :)

 Okay, enough of that let me get to the whole point of this blog.....drum roll...I, Jennifer, made a faux vintage stained glass window last week. What? Let me explain how this happened... another fun part of Pinterest is seeing what other people love and have chosen to "pin" on their boards and then having the chance to "repin" what they have "pinned" onto your boards.Whew, so many words to try to describe this glorious process :) I have no idea where I got this stained glass idea...wait actually I do. When I pin something on Pinterest I make sure that I only pin things that I can trace back to the original source and that at this original source I can find fabulous, clear instructions. This policy almost always leads me to some over the top chickies amazing blog that makes me feel extremely inadequate. I often will find that whatever led me to the blog that lowers my self esteem also leads me to find other amazing things that I must "pin" to my page.....are you still there? Is this too wordy for you? :) That is how I found this stained glass window that is faux.....ugh, I hate that word.....can we all just agree to say fake?

I have stared longingly at real...not FAKE.... stained glass windows every year at the magnificent Brimfield Antique Show but they are always way out of my price range. So when I found these perfect instructions on how to make one I was not going to rest until I had done it. Yes, I know it is not as awesome as being able to declare to your esteemed house guests who compliment your stained glass window "Oh that old thing? I got that from George Washington's house." But I have come to be okay with that.

I failed in an epic way on the frame part of this project. I had a vision of it being white and distressed looking but for some reason the painting white thing ended up extremely distressing me so I threw the frame away....yes, I know those of you who can think of ten uses for everything and re-use and recycle and see future projects in your mind and what you need for them are gasping at my mad throwing away skills but I am through and through a no clutter kind of girl :)

 Frame trauma aside. I am telling you that all I had to do to make this was purchase a picture frame from Wal Mart. Go home. Take out the glass part. Wash it. Go to Michael's...with your coupon... and buy instant lead and all sorts of colors of glass paint. Have the husband print off the design onto a piece of 11x14 paper. And then follow the perfect directions found on the beautiful self esteem lowering blog. I posted the link to the aforementioned blog down at the bottom of this post. Strangely, I discovered that the woman who writes this blog and posted this project happened to live in the ward I lived in in Indiana before I lived there. It is such a small world...when you are making fake stained glass windows :) link http://thepinkpeonyoflejardin.blogspot.com/2011/09/tutorial-faux-vintage-stained-glass.html

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Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

LOVE the window!! You go girl!!