Mar 29, 2012

Adding And Subtracting.

What do you know about Math? I will bet you a thousand, million, kazillion dollars that you know more than me. My earliest memories of math involve me, my dad, the kitchen table, some exasperation and definitely tears. I promise, I truly did want to understand math with all of my might. But my brain could not wrap itself around it. How do people just look at numbers and just know things? How is it that I can remember someones birthday and phone numbers forever and ever but I can not remember the rules of divisibility? Honestly, I did not even know there were rules for divisibility until about three weeks ago. And now that I know they exist I think I have to name drop them all the time so bear with me. Why do I happen to know about them now? Because Jennifer is trying to do hard things. And Math easily falls into the hard things category. I am 43 and I have discovered that now is a good time to do something with my, having seven kids and doing laundry every single day for the last 23 years did not count as doing something with my life :) Becoming what I want to be when I grow up that just may count as doing something with my life. I won't really know for sure until I actually do it :) So... ever so slowly, I signed up for a math class with BYU Independent study. It is a free math class that I am pretty sure monkeys could do but I need to do it. I need confidence. I need to finish. I need to say hi-ya to my little old life as I strike an awesome karate chop pose....before I do Math :)

 I was so happy when I spent an hour the other morning carefully reading every word of my first math lesson, in 24 years, on the rules of divisibility. After reading I went on the web to find a website with practice problems and I practiced and practiced and then ever so carefully I went back to the independent study website and took my first quiz and only missed one!! I felt so powerful :) All those years of sitting in math class chatting with my friends and longing to understand what was going on. All those tests I thought I did well on and alas...not so much doing well :) All those times I could not for the life of me figure out how much fabric I needed for a project. All those times I could not figure out how much older or younger a guy was than me :) JK  All those times I have to agonize over how much my tip is going to be :)

 So that first part of my class was easy but the second part is proving to be and composite numbers...yeah, I am struggling with these guys. I have read the information over and over and I went online to read even more about these two trouble makers, Mr.Prime and Mrs.Composite. I must ask the question does it truly matter if I know if a number is prime or composite? Those of us that struggle with Math love to ask questions like these it makes us feel better :)

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Anonymous said...

I remember that I sat in front in you in Mr. McMaster's Geometry class our Sophomore year. I had a hard time with that class. As I recall, it was more fun to pass notes:)