Apr 8, 2012

Guess Who Is Coming?

I am so excited!! I am having company this week. I do not get company much. I am not really sure why. I try not to over think that question. I thought that living close to Boston, New York City, Norman Rockwell's birthplace, countless Revolutionary War sites, Walden Pond, mountains, beaches and famous sports teams would help with the company thing. But not so much. What makes you want to visit someone? What makes you feel like you would do whatever it takes to visit someone? What makes it so that regardless of the sleeping arrangements, the condition of the towels in the bathroom, or the cold cereal for breakfast you still want to see someone? I am not really sure but all I know is......

My sister Rebecca is coming!! And how do I treat her now that she is coming? I most likely embarrass her with a blog about her. Yeah, and I wonder why no one comes to see me :)

 I was almost three years old when number one of my five siblings arrived. It truly rocked my world. I was the superstar...number 1....the oldest....the only one... numero uno.... and then rudely there were two of us... someone else trying to get on the stage of life with me. I was deeply bothered. And I don't think I was ever nice to this sister of mine.

 I tried to burn her with a curling iron when we were teenagers.

 When we were little our parents would have all of us sing together in church and the way she would add vibrato to her voice would drive me freaking crazy. I was sure she did it to annoy me.

 When I declared my favorite animal was a horse so did Rebecca so I had to change my favorite animal to a bear all because of her :) Yes, this was as traumatic as it sounds :)

 She loved animals and raised pigs for 4-H and made tons of money selling her piglets.

 I stayed in the house and played the piano, read books and sang along at the top of my lungs to Barbara Streisand albums.

 I once tried to kick my shoe at her and she ducked and it went out the window and broke the window.

 She always had utmost control and I was always trying to make her show some anger.....she never did.

 She ran track and won. I ran track and gave up.

She always borrowed my clothes without asking.
 Is the picture of sibling love emerging? :)

Aren't you relieved that my jealousy and frustration at how perfect she is has finally given way to simply loving and admiring the pants off her ? :) If I could get just a quarter of  Rebecca's determination I could conquer the world.

Last summer Rebecca was living in Bangkok with her family... she came back to the states for the summer and while she was back in the states she ran the Seattle Marathon... after she ran it she learned that she had qualified for the Boston Marathon. YAY! Then in the Fall of last year after Rebecca was back in Bangkok living her little old life there she found out she had annoying, evil breast cancer. Her family ended up coming back to the states so she could deal with the cancer thing.

Through all of the yuckiness that comes with dealing with cancer my sister Rebecca has continued to be determined to run the Boston Marathon. I have watched with amazingness as she has been training all through her chemotherapy and now through her radiation treatments. Every time I get ready to go run my measly 3 or 4 miles or face my seemingly devastating trials and I lift my head from the pavement to moan to myself "I can not do this" I immediately think of my darling determined sister. I feel so blessed to have her great example in my life. I have always felt like she could have done the older sister/good example thing so much better than I have :) I wonder what I conned her out of when we were in heaven so I could be the oldest here on earth? :) I really can not put all the right words together to effectively express how incredible she is.

 I know that only she knows how she has struggled through this and that knowledge makes it so none of us ever feels comfortable accepting compliments on how we are handling hard times in our lives. But I think Aunt Rebecca should accept all the compliments she gets on the way she has dealt with her breast cancer and running the Boston Marathon. If you are that curious about her awesomeness you can look over on the side of my blog and click on the blog entitled Seven Farmers and then you can read for yourself how great my sister is.

Awesome Rebecca with Mom and Dad.
But enough of the mushy stuff ..... trust me, Ord's do not do the mushy, touchy feely, lovey thing......ever! Well, lets say...rarely  :)

 The Boston Marathon is April the 16th... yes, in eight days, and Aunt Rebecca, Uncle David, and a couple of their kids will be dropping by on their way to Boston. I am so excited to see them. I am so eternally proud of my sister. And I promise I will not try to kick my shoe at her while she is visiting...as long as she does not borrow any of my clothes :)

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Danielle W. said...

Jenny....What a beautiful, and thoughtful blog post about your sister. I hope she does see it!!!