Apr 30, 2012

This Time Of Year

It is that time again....

Wrestle with the lawn time
Order loads of pine mulch time.
Order loads of topsoil time
Stand and stare at the garden willing the seeds to come up time.
Fight the weeds time.
Feel the thrill when things reappear after winter time.
Sheepishly try to cover up your dirty fingernails in public time.
Say bad words about rabbits time
Lug the enormous heavy hoses around the yard time

I love yard work/ garden time with all my might. I find myself coming home from something and getting out of the car and not heading into the house but heading into the yard where I will sheepishly realize after about twenty minutes that yes, I am weeding the yard in my dress.

Let me update you on what is happening. You know you want to hear all about it :)

 On the garden front my potatoes, peas, lettuce, onions and radishes are all up and growing. It makes me supremely happy to open the new gate to my garden and close the new gate to my garden and not find one single nibbled on veggie behind that fence. Take that bunnies!

 I have decided that this year I will carefully do everything the seed package says to do. So I measured everything when I planted and I thinned everything as it came up. I HATE thinning. It just seems wrong to pick a teeny tiny lettuce when it has not yet met his potential. But I think I finally understand that it has to be done. My lettuce has not done so well the last few years and I am determined to figure that out which is why I decided to follow the instructions perfectly....just so I can say I have :)

Every year I find myself worrying about my potatoes wondering if they will come up. They seem to take forever. This year I confess that I dug down to see if they were still there and if they were doing anything. I profusely apologized to the poor potato when I found he was doing the growing thing just fine just slower than I had expected. I have about 50 potato plants. And my experiment this year is fingerling potatoes which I am very excited about.

The next update is on the berries. I worry deeply about the raspberries. I should probably join a raspberry support group. I am not sure if I get the whole pruning thing and I worry every year that I have ruined them by cutting them back at the wrong time or too much. Thankfully so far, they seem to not need a perfect life to be happy. I should learn from my raspberries.

The blueberries have yet to produce many berries for me in the four years I have owned them. I have 5 blueberry bushes. I read a lot about blueberry bushes this winter and what they need to be happy and I provided all I could for them and I am very hopeful because this year they all look tall and happy.

I had the most amazing strawberry patch last year. I had plenty of berries to freeze but everything had gone crazy and I could not abide the fact that I did not have nice neat rows of strawberries. It was so hard to get into the middle of my patch of berries to weed and pick the berries..... So I dug up every single strawberry plant last year with plans to replant them in rows. But I had a most difficult Fall and the strawberry plants never got replanted. I should probably go to jail for that. This year I added topsoil and compost and replanted 25 strawberry plants in nice neat rows and I am determined that it will stay nice and neat.

The lawn is my nemesis. Every year I learn something new about it....okay, and something new about myself. This year I am facing the evil Dr. Crabgrass. I think I have successfully killed it because now I have huge brown dirt spots in my lawn. I have planted grass seed and I am faithfully watering it but it has not come up yet so I am fretting a bit. I have even resorted to crawling around on my hands and knees and pulling weeds out of the lawn. If things do not improve this year I may have to humble myself and sign up for a lawn service. I do not think I can take this ugly lawn thing much longer.

In the beds in the front of my house the builders of the house threw some shrubs to make the house look surfacely perfect so it would sell. They definitely did not overthink the shrubs they chose :) They are shrubs that will grow very big and take over the front of the house and I decided to dig them up last year in the Fall. I spent all winter staring at these beds dreaming of what I would put there. Of course my dreams involve the most difficult of all shrubs...hydrangeas. I love them too much to not try. So I have two hydrangeas....two purple sand cherry tree/shrubs....several salvia..and some shasta daisies.

It is funny how every year I learn a little more. Every year there is a new battle. Every year there are parallels galore between the garden/yard and my life. Yes, I will tell you if you are the evil crabgrass in my life :)

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Erika said...

I am jealous of your garden fence! Glad your garden is doing well though... we have not even planted ours... if we plant before memorial day it freezes...so bascially i am jealous of your entire garden right now :)