May 1, 2012

Eighteen !!!

Now as much as I know you would enjoy it I am not planning on blogging about my life when I was eighteen, I am not even blogging about my eighteen most embarrassing eighteen favorite food lists blog is titled eighteen because it is eighteen days until I get in my car with 4 friends and drive to Derby,Vermont.

Why am I driving to Derby Vermont? Two words...Dandelion Run. I wonder why all of us when we need to prove something, conquer something, if life kicks us down, or we just plain need to feel awesome about ourselves we decide to run? I am so curious about this. I am also so part of this phenomenon. My first inclination when the life kicking me down thing came was to run a Ragnar Relay. I wanted to do this with all my might. But gathering a team of 12 people who want to part with a $100.00 entry fee plus another $100.00 in incidentals. Plus running for around 48 hours. Plus having no sleep was way harder than I ever imagined it would be. Plus, I was running Ragnar for the wrong reasons so I decided it was not Ragnar time for Jennifer. Oh, it will be Ragnar time one day...don't you worry your pretty little head. For the first time in Jennifer's life Jennifer was realistic and it was truly an amazing sight to behold :)

When I realized Ragnar was not working for me I started googling "beautiful half marathons in New England." It took awhile to find a run that was not on Sunday. But finally I found this run in Derby, Vermont called the Dandelion Run and, seriously, they had me at the word dandelion. So for $25.00 I am running 6.2 miles on May 19th with at least 4 friends. I know it is not a half marathon but I am so excited about my first 10K ever. It is my first race that is more than a 100 yd dash. It is in a little town that is about two miles from the Canadian Border. "It is run on back roads through farms and forests on dirt roads through uncut fields blanketed with thousands and thousands of dandelions" yes, I quoted :) This area where the run is is apparently one of the first areas ever to be designated by National Geographic as one of the first geotourism areas in the world.....I am all about geotourism....hmmmm what does that even mean? This is not even the best part...there is more....the race is run in conjunction with the Dandelion Festival of Bluegrass Old Country and Fiddle Music...which means there will be pickers and fiddlers all along the race playing music while I am huffing and puffing up the very hilly course :)

I feel a tradition coming on. I already know I have to do this every year. My husband got me and my peeps a hotel room in the closest city to the run possible....which puts us still about an hour away from the race :) We are going to drive up Friday night and run Saturday morning.

I am a little worried and a little afraid but I am also determined. I hope I am ready. I have been running 3 times a week. And this week I have been running 3 miles one day and biking 6 miles the next day...alternating :) I have no idea what to expect from this run. All I know is when I go to, no dot com for the dandelion run people strictly dot org people here :) and look at all the pictures from last years race I feel so happy......looky, here is the link so you can feel happy too and better yet so you can join me next year.

I expect that my life will still have trials and struggles when I am done with this race. I expect that I will still wonder why there are so many things I do not understand. I expect that I will still secretly wonder if anyone really likes me. I expect my teenagers will still be unkind to me. I expect bunnies will still try to eat my plants in my yard. I expect that I will still wake up in the middle of the night worrying about things I cannot change. But I feel like I will have made a teeny tiny step in learning about Jennifer...and that is really what it is all about right? ME :)

 I can not wait to show you pictures of my race...I can not wait to have one of those little rectangles with my race number pinned on me....I can not wait to get my t-shirt....oh and my medal :) And most importantly see fields of dandelions while I am should totally come with me :)

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Erika said...

We are training for a half marathon in July... I am very very scared. Congrats on your run....I hope it goes well!