Aug 21, 2012

Mein Hut.

How can I catch you up on my life since I last blogged in May? Where to start? Where to start? I have been sitting here on my couch, ever so still, attempting to grab the first thought that comes to my mind and blog about it. It is nearly impossible to grab just one thought....sigh, especially when you are me and especially when you have the handicap of recently learning that you simply can not share all of your thoughts with just anyone. I think I have decided I could tell you about my new hat that seems like a very safe place to start communicating again :)

I have always wanted a hat but was never quite sure what kind I would look good in. I think that I was in high school when I discovered the joy of hats. I am drawing this conclusion because I know I had one in high school but I have no idea where or how I got it. Yes, I wore it to high school. There are a few pictures of me in the yearbook wearing it if I would need to ever prove it to you. Sadly all it proves is that I had absolutely no fashion sense. It was a plain straw hat with a ribbon. And my memory and the pictures I found tell me nothing more about it.I wish I knew when and how and where I bought it and if my mom tried to talk me out of it. I cringe a little when I distinctly remember wearing it to a very important high school basketball game where our basketball team played in the state tournament at an arena in Seattle. All of us who wanted to go to the game went on a big bus and everyone else on that big bus knew to wear our high school colors in some basketball game appropriate attire but I was in some other land and I wore a dress and my hat...yes, to the basketball game. I think I had a brief moment while walking down the bleachers to my seat that the thought that I was possibly a spectacle and not normal flitted through my mind but the thought definitely did not hang around and make itself comfortable in my mind. Which was a huge blessing. I think the saying is, ignorance is bliss :) I have no idea where this hat went or when I decided it was a fashion faux paux. I do wish I could remember.

My next hat owning experience was just a few years ago when I had the notion that if I had a hat to wear to the beach it would protect my head from getting sunburned and my face from getting too much sun. These are notions I should have had years ago but hopefully better late than never is in my favor. I am not sure where I got the hat I ended up with but it was not very well made and looking back on pictures of me in it it was not the best looking hat.

Finally we arrive at Summer 2012 and this summer the pioneer trek that I got to go on was the perfect excuse to finally put a lot of effort and thought and possibly even money into buying a hat. Once I freed my mind of the possibility of there being a rule that I would have to wear a pioneer bonnet I immediately found myself thinking of the display of hats that I had often walked by at the lawn and garden store in our town. I have been known to stop by this display of hats and stare longingly at them. There are all different shapes of them and all different sizes of ribbons on them and I have wanted to try them on but the display has a small problem..its mirror is a very small rectangle "fake" mirror that is way too high for me to ever see myself in it. I  know I tried. I confess, I finally did something I have never done before and ever so carefully unattached the mirror and set it down lower but it really never could give me a clear view of the hats I tried on so I finally decided to chance it, just choose a hat, and take it home...a very crazy thing to do :) I put this crazy moment off until a few days before Trek since it was a $24.00 hat...shhhh don't tell anyone I am a little mortified about this fact :) But let me tell you when I got the hat home and tried it on in front of my enormous, real glass, mirror from Ikea I knew I had Jennifer's hat. It did not even matter what others saw when they saw me in the hat all that mattered was when I put the hat on all my dreams came true.

My hat had a busy summer. It went with me on Trek. It went with me to Girls Camp. It attended fireworks in Springfield....yes, it was dark but I just needed to wear it. It has been to the beach and to an outdoor performance in Chicopee. It even got to see Niagra Falls and Palmyra, New York. I have several pictures of me in the hat but none of me alone with the hat. So here is one with some of my peeps...I am int he one in the hat :)


nanci said...

So glad to see that you are blogging again!!! I missed reading your posts. And your hat IS fabulous!

The Metzgers said...

Jenn- I can't believe you would do this to me. Look at me. AAAAAAA....