Aug 25, 2012

Okay, Remind Me Again.

Do you have things in your house that you love because of what they remind you of? I do. Tons. I love to be reminded. Did you know that the synonyms of remind are retrospect, emphasize, reminisce, and remember? Yeah, all good times. Okay, well most of the time I love to be reminded. I guess we all have some reminding that makes us sad but lets not talk about those times or things will make us sad :)

Tonight I grabbed my camera and wandered through the house taking pictures of things that remind me and enjoyed remembering what they remind me of.

The first thing I took a picture of is a blanket. I have owned this blanket a little over a year. I bought him in Utah last July. I have this group of friends that I met in Kansas many years ago and we formed a little sisterhood that I do not think can ever be broken and when we can we meet somewhere and spend a few days causing trouble shopping, eating and solving life's problems. This particular time we met in Utah. One night we were downtown Salt Lake City shopping and we wandered into a Coldwater Creek store. While I was wandering I found this blanket/quilt on super duper clearance and I adored it. I showed all the girlfriends my find but we all knew that I was not going to buy it even though it was under $20.00. I am just not that kind of girl and I can not explain why but trust me I am not and the girls know it. But they worked their magic and before I knew it I was purchasing the blanket (secretly thinking I would return it later) and guess what? They were right I still own the blanket and I needed the blanket. I honestly use it everyday. It went to girls camp with me. It went on the pioneer trek with me. And every night I sit on my couch reading or computering (yes, computering is definitely a word) with it. When I use it it reminds me of Julie, Shannon, Kathy, Alyson and Kristy. It reminds me that I do have friends that unconditionally love me or at least fake it well :) It makes me smile when I think of all the excuses they gave me to help me justify the purchase. Usually a blanket has reminding qualities because someone made it for you and put work into it but let it be known that that is a myth and that a store bought blanket can conjurer up some good reminding all on its me.

The next thing I took a picture of was rocks. I have a very special jar full of rocks and sand dollars, sitting on my bedside table, that all mean something to me. I started this annoying rock collecting habit when I was a kid and we were at a beach in Washington State and I found these rocks that looked like M&M's. Why would finding M&M rocks not inspire someone to start a lifetime quest to gather important rocks? I have a rock from an old boyfriends grandma's lake house driveway (whew that was a mouthful). I have rocks people got for me from special places they went. I have rocks from hikes. But the ones that started it all and remind me of my awesome childhood are these M&M rocks. I wish you could hold them in your hand and feel their perfect smoothness and perfect likeness to M&M's. I remember the beach was covered with them and oh how they delighted me.

This candle reminds me of Princeton, New Jersey. We lived in Princeton University housing on Bayard Lane in Princeton. It was our first unfurnished real world housing after leaving Provo. I really had not yet gathered many of the kinds of things that do not have a function but are simply in your home to gather dust. We invited my husbands boss (head of Princeton Library) and his wife over for dinner one night and they brought us a gift and it was this candle. I was fascinated with this concept of bringing a gift when you go to dinner. I assumed it was an east coast thing. I was fascinated that the candle came with a snuffer. Do you know what a snuffer is? It is a way to put out the candle without blowing on it. And strangely having something like this made me feel grown up. Oh yeah I had some candles laying around but not all the candle accessories...the stand...the snuffer....the candle...and the clear piece that fit in the stand that the candle rested in. It left me needing nothing. It was complete. And I do love that feeling.....complete...yeah, good times. None of that needing to buy something to complete something. I had it ALL :) I have carefully moved this candle, its stand, and the snuffer from house, to house, to house. And it reminds me about bringing something when you go to dinner. It reminds me of Princeton. It reminds me of colonial times which I have always had a fascination with. I should probably get over it and light this candle all little more often than I do....I mean I have had it for 20 years after all :)

I actually took pictures of several other things that remind me of some seriously good times, places, and things but I think I will save them for another time so we do not overdo the reminding theme. I would hate for my blog to remind you of misery :)

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