Aug 29, 2012

Ralph Lauren, Canning and So Much More.

Summer is almost over. It is true. I can tell. My awesome super power just happens to be, "sensing when the seasons are going to change" you can just call me "Seasongirl" for short.  You see the sun feels different and shines in different places. You can even catch different smells if you pay close attention. Okay, and the calendar does say it is the end of August and as I realized that I have also found myself thinking about my exiting summer and what we accomplished.

 At the beginning of summer I had Tatiana and Natalie make a list of what they wanted to do this summer. And we did a pretty good job at crossing things off their lists. We went to Niagra Falls. We went to the hill Cumorah Pageant. We went to New York City. We had way too many sleepovers and friends over... is it even possible to have too much of sleepovers and friends? We went to the beach twice. Their big brother came home for a few days with his wife. We went to our spot on the river a few times. We did not go to Six Flags but it is just about the only thing we did not do.

Then it got me wondering... forget what the kids did... what on earth did I accomplish this summer?

Well, I painted the basement. We bought our house brand spanking new about 4 and a half years ago and the walls in the basement were painted white... I have absolutely nothing against white but this white was the yucky flat paint that for some reason builders and occasionally husbands like to use. Every fingerprint of every person who has ever been in our house was on those walls....they were so dirty...every nerf bullet mark shot onto these walls was still say it was nasty would be a very fair statement. I have been dying to get my hands on these walls and fix them forever. The problem was I had no idea what color to paint them. I bought 6 different little jars of paint samples as I struggled to figure out what to paint this basement of mine. Thank goodness the paint sample jars are super cute. I confess it was not six color samples that were all similar shades...I mean it was not at all like I was trying to decide which shade of one color to paint... oh no it was a green, a blue, a yellow, a tan, a get the idea, right? I was miserable. Painting a basement is so different. You have to worry about lighting, feelings, and such....aaargghhh. Finally in sheer disgust and frustration I called my dear sister Rachel in Pennsylvania and asked her what color her basement was and she told me without hesitation Ralph Lauren Sisal and I said, "Do you like it?" She said she loved it. So I googled Ralph Lauren Sisal and you know how sometimes you just know something is true? I knew that Ralph Lauren Sisal was true the minute I laid my eyes on it. So I marched on over to Home Depot paint department, where they know me way too well, and asked them for a gallon of Ralph Lauren Sisal, in Behr paint, in semi gloss,....or was it satin? Oh well, I am not sure. But the moral of the story is I have a beautiful basement painted in Ralph Lauren Sisal.

I bought a hammock on Craigslist this summer. But I have not spent many a dreamy day laying in it like I had imagined I would....I have been too busy entertaining children and playing real life. Laying in the hammock is going to definitely be a, "the kids are back in school thing" I can just tell. I had never bought anything on Craigslist before and it was very addicting and way too much fun.I drove all the way to Pittsfield, Massachusetts by myself to look at it and did my very own bargaining and even came home with a bike rack for the car that got thrown in free just because I am so gosh darn good looking ....JK...about the good looking part....I would never ever joke about a free bike rack :) The hammock is a LL Bean hammock since name dropping about your hammock is of utmost importance :)  My goal for next summer is to sleep in it overnight outside. That just sounds so perfect.

I had a good garden this summer. Usually something goes epically wrong with my garden each year. But this year the peas were not eaten by bunnies. The lettuce did not get eaten by the bunnies. The beans did not get eaten by the bunnies. Do you see a continuing theme? Yes, fences are true :) I got a wheelbarrow full plus several 5 gallon buckets full of potatoes. WAY TO MANY BEANS were grown, shared, and sadly, even wasted. I capitalized that so you would picture the immense amount of beans I grew this year and know I was serious. Everytime I plant my rows of beans in the spring I worry that I do not have enough. I need to get over that fear. I always have more than enough beans. I even grew a few radishes this year. I canned 65 pints of tomatoes so far and if my math is right that means I can use about five jars a month and it will last me all year :) And the scary news is I still have at least 100 tomatoes left in the garden. Yeah, my summer often consists of picking, freezing or canning food...good times.

I spread mulch. I kept up on my two landscaping jobs better than I did last summer...yeah, remember last summer? Hopefully not :)

I did not get to hike as much as I wanted to this summer. I did not have a campfire every gosh dang night like I wanted you think there are awesome people out there who have a campfire every night? I need to meet these people and become their best friend. Six Flags New England amusement park was on my to do list also but never worked out :) I even have two kiddos who had enough money to buy their own tickets and it still did not work out.

OH well I guess there is always next summer :)

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