Sep 10, 2012

Pleased As Punch.

Some Sundays we have company over. Those Sundays are very structured, very busy, and fun. Some Sundays we do not have company over and those Sundays are lazy, relaxed, and did I already mention lazy? Today was the no company kind of Sunday. As soon as I could I headed outside to put my cotton LL Bean hammock to good use. I adore my hammock. I adore whoever invented hammocks. I adore whoever invented blue skies, white puffy clouds, trees with all different kinds of leaves, nine million shades of green, and sunlight that filters through leaves. I also have been known to adore clear, crisp air. How about some adoring of books, throw pillows off of couches and favorite blankets? Yes, so many adoring things added to the comfortable, complacent, pleased as punch, satisfied, tickled pink, at ease feeling that I had today this ninth day of September from 2 to 4:34 in the afternoon. I wonder if I had days like these more often if they would not seem so magical anymore?

The only thing that would have made it more magical would be that I could share it. So in an attempt to share I took pictures of my views from my hammock so that you could pretend you were there.

jealous much?
Yes, painted toenails are part of the contentment :)

Puffy clouds with the perfect mix of gray and white.
After about two and a half hours the kiddos discovered where I was and then it was an endless parade of them bringing chickens by the hammock to see me and a girl can only do so much of that before the words like pleased as punch, tickled pink, satisfied, and complacent are long gone :)

And then it was over :)

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