Nov 30, 2012

Black Friday With All My Heart And Soul.

Every year I have grand plans to participate in Black Friday. Some years I have halfway participated. Those are the years I have gone at 6 in the morning or even at ten in the morning even though I am not sure if going at ten even qualifies as black Friday shopping? I have never gone at midnight and shopped all night, which in my mind is what Black Friday shopping means. I am supposing that the reason I have never gone is because I have never had a friend willing to do the whole enchilada with me.But I surprised myself this year and I decided to be at Kohl's at midnight all by my little old self.

Every year my mind starts the "should I go or not" debate the minute I see that 2 to 3 inch stack of glossy, beckoning ads. I pore over every single page.There never seems to anything that I HAVE to have but I always see lots of deals. We are not a very "into the latest electronics" sort of family. Which I am thankful for because I am not sure if I could handle the anxiousness of waiting for a deal that I have a good chance of it not being mine. Anyhow, I always make lists and write down the times the stores open and what is where. It is a ritual I adore. But I rarely follow through...strange huh?

But this year we got home from Thanksgiving at six in the evening and I had had a crazy week and I literally fell into bed and as I drifted off I set my alarm for 11:30pm. When it rang at 11:30pm I was up. I got my sweats on and I was out of there. I drove straight to Kohls and got there about 5 minutes to midnight. There was a line and I got in it thinking I would be waiting for five minute. But midnight came and went and everyone in the line started murmuring and obsessively checking the time. Finally someone figured out that Kohls in Massachusetts was not opening until one in the morning. A lot of people left at this point but I decided to stay. Yes, the thought did cross my mind that I was crazy to wait in line in the freezing cold when I did not even know what I was waiting for. But I decided sticking it out was not going to hurt anything. So I settled in and I eavesdropped on the married couple behind me I loved that they were there together I do ALL the Christmas shopping in our family. I giggled at the antics of the two very loud spanish speaking women who were standing behind them these girls had a direct line to some friends who were over at Walmart so they were giving us updates on the condition of the lines and such at Walmart. In front of me was a guy and two girls and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which one was his actual girlfriend :) It was definitely some good times :)

When the doors opened I walked politely in and I shopped for about an hour. I browsed slowly through every section and was able to cross a lot of stuff off of my list. And in the end I got $45 dollars back in Kohls cash. Why does Kohls cash make me so happy? There was no line when I checked out and soon I was on my way to the Mall where Target is.

Target was a ZOO. I selfishly grabbed myself some copies of the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. They were only $13.00 apiece and I wanted them ever so much. I carried them around but in the end I could not justify waiting in the most enormous line ever for two dvd's for me...hello :) Although, I must tell you I wonder how many people shop for themselves on Black Friday? Buying things you have needed or wanted? Does that not sound like a person who bought some things for themselves on Black Friday justifying? :) All right I confess I did procure some brown boots, a new wallet, two cushions for my wicker chairs and a plain white long sleeve shirt for myself. But that is ALL I promise :) Did I mention I put the two Downton Abbey dvd's back? Yeah, sad times.

I was in the Mall for several hours. Old Navy, Sears, Children's Place, Radio Shack, American Eagle all got a piece of my money. It was the weirdest feeling to remind yourself as you are walking through a totally full mall with restaurants open selling hamburgers and fries that is 3 in the morning. How often do you get to do that? The only place I waited in line was in Old Navy and I waited there for an hour. There was a guy in Old Navy with a bullhorn, many body piercings, a sassy attitude, and tattoos who was annoying the heck out of a woman next to me with his conversing with people in line and handing out coupons so that kept my attention for awhile.

 My Natalie has a gift for ruining our portable dvd player every year so that was the one thing  I was on the lookout for. Target had one for $39.00 and Target had one for $55.00. Target's were long gone when I got there. So I sauntered into Radio Shack at like 4 in the morning fully expecting all there $39.00 portable dvd players to be gone but weirdly the lady behind the counter had thought she was out of them but had found three behind the counter minutes before I walked in....can you have a miracle on Black Friday? :)

Black Friday gets bad mouthed constantly. And I am not sure it deserves it. Those of us who participate in it are labeled to be certifiably crazy. But I am not sure if wanting a deal at midnight is necessarily crazy? :) If it is crazy then we crazies are all in good company because there is a lot of us out there all through the night shopping away. When I thought about it I really liked the idea that I had accomplished a whole heck of a lot without disrupting anyone elses life. You see, they were all merrily sleeping off their Thanksgiving dinner not even realizing I was gone it was totally free off the clock time for me, no guilt for not doing something else because who feels guilt for not sleeping? :)

The term Black Friday has been around since the 1960's way, way back when accounting books were kept by hand and red ink indicated a loss and black ink indicated a profit. It has officially been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. 2011 was the first time some of the big retailers shocked the world by opening at ...gasp...midnight :) Like, the drama I managed there? :) This year was the first time several retailers opened at 8 pm on Thanksgiving. I heard lots of complaining about that but if people will be there they will most definitely do it. If we don't want them to open on Thanksgiving then we need to not go which I doubt would ever happen :)

So here's to having half of my Christmas shopping done, to waking up at midnight, and waiting in line to do it :)

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