Nov 10, 2012

Since Then.

Have you ever tried to catch up? The words catch and up together seem to always imply that you are behind and bless my gosh darn heart I am SO behind on my blog. You have no idea how many half written blogs are in my file. I should win an award for not finishing. Are there awards for that? I am often afraid of all I want to tell you so I just simply don't do it. I tend to burst if I do not attempt to connect and I have discovered that my blog seems to meet that need to connect :)

I can not possibly catch you up on all that has happened since I last blogged in September. 

 I mean firstly I am older now than I was then :)
 I have been to New York City to play twice since then.
 I have been to Hoboken to Carlos' bakery since then.
 I have immersed myself in politics since then.
 I have watched the leaves change amazing colors, fall all over the ground, then raked and raked them up  since then.
 I have flown a daughter to Utah to get her wisdom teeth out, because it was cheaper than doing it in Massachusetts, since then. 
I have discovered being disciplined since then.
I have set a goal to go thirty days without sugar since then.
I have gone running in the rain since then.
I have raised six chickens that each lay an egg a day since then.
I have watched political debates since then.
I have read Farm City, Once A Runner, Her Mother's Daughter, Birdseye;The Adventures of A Curious Man, and The Book of Mormon Girl since then.
I have changed doctors since then.
I have been to an Imagine Dragons concert since then.
I have stared at a couple amazing full moons since then.
I have found some amazing finds at the Salvation Army since then.
I have wondered what to do way too much since then.
I have had my parents visit since then.
I have wondered what is wrong with me since then.
I have used a Sephora giftcard since then.
I have studied the Battle of Bunker Hill since then.
I have been to Vermont twice since then.
I have dug up all my dahlia bulbs since then.
I have acquired an American Express Costco card since then.
I have listened to number 6 on the Killers new CD way too many times since then.
I have been pulled over by a cop because my registration had apparently expired since then.
I have found my favorite perfume at the Gap since then.
I have wondered since then.
I have missed since then.
I have worn a Dorthy costume since then.

So I guess that about sums it up.....well not really but you get the idea. I am determined to be better at writing on my little old blog in the future because it is extremely therapeutic for me. Not because it is going to help you learn to make a craft better. Not because it will give you some great recipes for the fam. Not because it will make you wish you had thought of that :) But I will blog simply and selfishly because I need it. But I will adore it if you decide to hang out with me while I am being selfish since I do love connecting while being selfish :)


Kristy said...

What's the name of the number 6 Killers song? I'm trying to listen to them because we are going to see them LIVE in UTAH on November 30. Come out and go with us!

Not on your list:
* Spent time with Kristy Merrill in NYC. *
How did we miss that opportunity?

My Many Coloured Days said...

I love you.

You've convinced me to blog again.

You are amazing.