Nov 25, 2012

What's In The Center?

I love to know what is in the center. When I get a box of chocolate I am not overly interested in getting a surprise in my first bite I am pretty sure that I really need to know what is in the middle of each one. I will annoyingly ask you with each chocolate I eat if you happen to know what this one is or what that one is. If we are really good friends I will beg you to take a bite first and then hand it over to me if it passes. I want to make sure I get caramel, chocolate, or coconut not any of the other icky ones. I love it when they provide you with a map in the lid of the box telling you what the center of each one is.

While we are on the topic of centers I also dearly love to know what is in the center of people. It fascinates me. And being true to my love of all things center I must tell you I do prefer donut holes over the actual donut. Seriously, why on earth am I talking about the word center?  I have been so excited to tell you about this new question that has been occupying my mind. But in order to explain I have to start way back at the beginning which is way back in...yesterday. You see yesterday Tatiana and I went to see the movie Rise of the Guardians. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this movie. The first time I saw a preview for it I knew I HAD to see it. And the actual movie did not disappoint me in anyway. It was filled with so many lessons, parallels, fun, and symbolism. But the one discussion that ended up standing out in my mind and that I have been thinking about constantly has to do with the word center.So sit back and get comfy and I will tell you the story.

In the movie the Guardians happen to be Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and Mr.Sandman. The Guardians protect the children of the world from evil and in this movie evil is named Pitch and he provides us with our nightmares and he has a plan to make sure none of the kids in the world believe in any of the Guardians anymore. He has some attention issues that you will totally identify when you see the movie :)

Anyway, the Guardians only exist and have power because kids believe in them. If there is no one believing they can not exist they lose their strength and I surmise they eventually disappear. Santa recognizes there is trouble brewing as he has had a sighting of Pitch, so he puts out a call to the guardians and they all come immediately to the North Pole. After they have all arrived Santa lets them know about the Pitch sightings and he also tells them that a new Guardian has been called. They all speculate who it is and it ends up being Jack Frost. Jack is very reluctant to be a Guardian when he finds out they want him so Santa takes him aside and chats with him. He takes him to his "office" and shows him one of those sets of nesting know the ones that you open the top, there is another layer underneath that, then another layer, and another layer until you get to the center? Each of the dolls, of Santa's, most personal, set of nesting dolls, happens to represent some part of his personality...a most clever idea if I may say so myself... he tells Jack about what each nesting doll represents as Jack opens them. When they get to the center there is a baby Santa nesting doll with humongous eyes. Santa explains to Jack that the huge eyes  represent his center, what his core is, what he stands for and that happens to be wonder. The wonder in Christmas lights. The wonder in gifts. The wonder of Christmas trees. You get the idea....the wonder of Christmas. He asks Jack, "What is your center?" Jack does not know what his center is and frankly I had no idea either what a guy like Jack Frost's center would be? Much later in the movie Jack thankfully finds his center and I love the moment when he discovers that his center is fun. He loves to provide fun in the snow.

So you all know me and you all have to know that I am now deeply wondering what my center is :)  When you separate the Jennifer nesting dolls what is at the center of Jennifer? What do I represent? I imagine it would be hard to choose just one thing. I do happen to love wonder and fun maybe I am Santa and Jack Frost rolled into one? :)

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