Jan 13, 2013

Seabreeze and Comet.

 Every night, most mornings, and sometimes three times a day if it is a hot summer day and I happen to have been outside a lot I will walk into my bathroom and get a cotton ball out of my cotton ball jar, then I will open my bottle of Seabreeze and pour some of that Seabreeze onto my cotton ball and wipe it all over my face.Then with satisfaction I always notice the amount of dirt that came off of my face onto that cotton ball. Tonight as I was getting ready for my nightly "Seabreeze ritual" I could not find my bottle. You see, Baird children often take their moms bottle of Seabreeze to their bathrooms if they have run out of their own. I made a mental note to myself as I found my bottle to remember to get Seabreeze to go inside certain childrens stockings for Christmas. Then for some reason I found my mind wandering and I thought about the fact that I have been using Seabreeze since I was a kid and I have passed this habit onto my children...not all of them...but most of them. I do not even know how I got started using Seabreeze. But I do know I love it and definitely can not live without it. There have been a few times in the past years that I have not been able to find Seabreeze in the store and I have had to try another kind of astringent but it has NEVER been the same and has always made me sad. I love the refreshing, clean feeling Seabreeze gives me. (Geesh, I sound like a silly commercial. Hang in there, there is a point to the, "addicted to Seabreeze" story :) In the middle of a hot miserable week at Girls Camp I have been known to offer friends a cotton ball with Seabreeze on it. And I am always thrilled with their wonder and awe at its fabulous-ness :) Anyway, the point of this Seabreeze conversation was that I found myself wondering...What else do I buy that I am very loyal to just because I always have been or because my mom always did?

Comet. Yeah, there have to have been a million more products made since Comet first came out each possibly improving on Comet yet, here I am buying Comet every couple of weeks and using it to clean my bathrooms and kitchen. Will my kids buy Comet? And will they sing that gosh darn comet song (from the movie Parenthood) in their head when they use it? Drat, did I just tell you I do that? :)

Crest toothpaste. Yes, I grew up using Crest. There have been moments where the Baird family has had Colgate in our bathrooms or sometimes even Aquafresh but I do adore the flood of memories that come with a tube of Crest.

I found myself understanding how if a company can catch you early in your life then they could be in the family forever. If you are the loyal kind, that is :)

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Kristy said...

You are so funny ... and so insightful! I miss the smell of Noxzema. And I miss you! Please let's spend time together soon. Somehow.