Jan 15, 2013

Sister Power.

This Christmas I got the most perfect, touching, and unexpected surprise ever...my three very dear sisters sent me an Amazon gift card. You may live in a family where all the brothers and sisters exchange gifts at Christmas all the time so this may not seem out of the ordinary to you. But in our family we do not exchange gifts with each other during the holidays. We all live so far away from each other and have so many kids that we banned the gift exchanging practice years ago. Frankly, we very rarely even exchange birthday gifts. Yes, we love each other. No, we apparently do not feel the need to show our love by giving gifts :)

I was going along through the 2012 holiday season minding my own business trying to figure out how to make everyone around me supremely happy for Christmas (don't judge...you do it too :) and I happened to notice very late one night an e-mail in my inbox that looked unusual... I was wondering why this e-mail had all three of my sisters names in it....thank goodness it did because otherwise I may have deleted it :) I think it was the day before Christmas when I saw it. When I opened it and saw what it was I felt so very many emotions. The first emotion was those gosh darn tears...I mean how on earth did they know even though they live in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia that I needed to know someone was aware of me? I felt a little guilty that in the midst of a holiday season they had all sacrificed money for me. I even wondered for a very brief second what had brought the conversation up that had concluded in this decision. I felt so loved and it was such a nice feeling. I did not even know I needed this feeling until it was there.

Lately as life has been teaching me (the hard way) all kinds of fabulous things about myself I have found my heart almost bursting at the joy of having sisters as I have needed way too many "someones" to lean on. I can not imagine life without them. I call them WAY too much. Sometimes, I confess, I have no reason to call them I just make one up to hear their voices. I think they know that because sometimes they don't answer :) I am so grateful I can tell them everything and not worry about them judging me. I am grateful they have forgiven me for making their lives miserable until I was at least 21. I cannot imagine life without them...did I already say that?

I am sure I have told you before that I was definitely not the world's best big sister example to them. I made it very easy for them to look perfect in every way. I was often making poor choices so that they could have no trouble looking good :) What a thoughtful sister I was :)

I have two brothers and I think they are pretty awesome dudes but no one can deny the bond sisters have. Women out in the world can be so mean to each other. It is so discouraging and confusing to me. Sisters don't do that actually technically they can't do that because you can tell your mom on them. Tattletale? Who me?

When I have questions about chickens, or American Express Costco cards, or running, or sewing, or decorating, or killing garden pests, or good books to read, or canning, or paint colors, or pie crust recipes, or just a need for some plain good ol therapy at least one of them will answer when I call :) When I want to talk about the dvd's in the dvd section in Costco I always know I can call them and they already know what is there :)

I love that we all garden. I love that we all shop at thrift stores. I love that some of us have jars in our cupboards full of sharpened pencils and some of us don't. I love that we all can food from our gardens.

It took me three weeks to figure out what to spend my Amazon gift card on. Did you know how much there is to buy on Amazon? I thought very carefully about it and finally decided I needed something that would last for a long time since gift cards to Amazon rarely happen for me :) So I chose magazine subscriptions to three different gardening magazines. I googled "top ten gardening magazines" and carefully and deliberately read about each one and tried to get three that would all serve a different purpose in my gardening life. Can I tell you about the joy of getting a magazine in the mail? :)

So here's to Rachel, Rebecca and Sarah...I hope that when they need something I can be as aware of it as they were when I needed something :) And I am so glad that as the oldest child in my family I can finally say I am so glad my parents did not stop having kids after me :)

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