Feb 23, 2013

Hope For The Best?

I bet you already knew that if you have, "the feeling that what you want can be had or that events will turn out for the best" you have hope.

Recently I received a shot of hope. Just to be clear my hope never went away...oh no it has been hanging out on my couch every day but today it happened to get a shot that caused it to get up off the couch and do some pacing :) Don't worry these shots are not illegal I am pretty sure they happen to most of us. And sometimes these shots of hope are followed by more (addicted to hope much? :) but sometimes the hope shot is followed by disappointment. I am trying to remind myself of this fact. You know the whole "hope for the best but expect the worst." Yeah, where is that quote from anyway? Would you believe Mel Brooks ? :)

The hard part of the whole thing is that tiny annoying word best. Who decides what is best for me? And do I have any say in it? Do I have to wait for the best or can I go and find it? Will I recognize best? Will I be able to understand it really is the best? Can I accept it? How long do you have hope? Forever? For two months? For 36 hours? Did you know the word best means, "most advantageous, suitable, or desirable?" Sometimes it takes years for us to realize that what happened was "for the best." UGH 

What if the things that turn out to be for the best are not what I want? :) Best is sort of a plain word anyway/ I mean I want, "the feeling that what I want can be had or that events will turn out...marvelously, or fabulously, or how about happy ever after-ly...not just best. :)

And here is a good question...do I deserve to hope?

How do you know what you deserve?

Okay now I am going crazy on you I better go find some chocolate...it is for the best :)

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