Mar 10, 2013

The Hobbit Out Loud.

Tatiana, Natalie and I are on a quest and I must tell you this quest thrills me beyond belief. It all started with The Hobbit. I had a memory of reading The Hobbit to Joseph many years ago and it was a good  memory. We needed to try it again. I needed these girls to know about riddles in the dark, dwarves, soaring eagles, being invisible, and elves. I had to convince the girls they would adore The Hobbit. I started with a plea to just endure a few chapters and so we did that. Then I am not sure why but we stopped reading for a few weeks and within those weeks thankfully the movie The Hobbit came out in theaters. Tatiana then decided that she would not see the movie until we had finished the book. I thought that was a good idea and soon we were on our way to finishing the book devouring page after page. I love the way Tolkien writes. Everything just flows out of my mouth so easily. Reading his words out loud is strangely soothing to me and I hate to stop when it is time. Some days all three of us would snuggle in my bed and spend a couple hours reading a couple chapters. Tolkien did not believe in skimpy me. I must confess that sometimes I would fall asleep while reading... it happens when you get up at 4:25 am to get a child to early morning Seminary every gosh darn weekday. On those nights Tatiana would take the book and just keep reading to Natalie and then I would have to catch up. I was thrilled that my girls were learning about Smaug, Mirkwood, Beorn, and yes, even about Gollum.

When we finally finished The Hobbit about a week ago I thought maybe we would try Little House on The Prairie, another favorite read out loud book of mine, but no, Tatiana insisted we continue and immediately went to the shelf and procured The Fellowship of The Ring. I love that everyday they beg to read and that they are sad when we only read four or five pages as opposed to a chapter. I love that they need to go to New Zealand to see Hobbit houses... now.

 Because they are the youngest of seven kids the, "reading with the mom" experience has been vastly different for them as opposed to the, "reading with the mom" experience the older Baird children lived. I have feared that some of the traditions I had with their siblings they have missed out on. Reading epic novels and series was one of them. We read lots of picture books from the library and they listen to tons of books on tape but it has been nagging in the back of my mind how I have not read a proper series to them.

As the three of us were sprawled on the couch tonight with my favorite blanket, the lamp on, Natalie on her back with her feet in the air, no doubt thinking about the possibility of tapping Tatiana with those feet and causing a loud indignant protest. Tatiana smooshed up against me making sure I read every word and do not show any signs of sleepiness. Everything In the world just felt right. I love how deliberate all of Tolkien's words feel. They fill me with a longing even though I know it would mean facing freakishly large spiders and ring wraiths.

 While I was reading about Frodo learning about the power of the ring Bilbo left him from Gandalf and Frodo preparing to leave the Shire I found myself wondering about adventure. How scary it is to leave what you know and head off into the unknown. How sad I feel that Frodo sold Bag End. How I know that it is two almost five hundred page books before his journey is over. All that he will learn and accomplish and see is in my head. I am strangely jealous of Frodo. I am 6 years younger than Frodo was when he left Bag End with the ring in his pocket.To head off into the unknown with a few true friends and nothing but my feet to take me sounds better than perfect at this minute in my life. Especially if I could run into my pal Aragorn....sigh... I am so ready for an adventure :)

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