Apr 1, 2013

Silent and Simple and Still.

I am a little bewildered by how it happened but I have reached a new phase in my life. I am adoring all the possibilities that come with it. I am embracing how natural it seems to feel. It involves three words that no one could really ever use with my name before now.... Silent...Simple...and....wait for it....Still :) I have been thinking very carefully for a few weeks now about what I think of when I think of these words and let me share with you some of my conclusions :)

Silent, simple, and still Jennifer can still use smiley faces after every sentence :) Can't take that away from me :)

Silent, simple, and still Jennifer loves,loves, loves to hike. No one should be able to deny that views are definitely silent, simple and still. I am wanting to join the Appalachian Mountain Club immediately.

Silent, simple, and still Jennifer rarely talks on the phone anymore. This has been happening for sometime now and I have been pleasantly surprised and relieved at how I have embraced it. I have always been a phone chatting kind of girl but not any more. Yeah, my parents are never going to believe their prayers have finally been answered with this one :)

Silent, simple, and still Jennifer started some of her seeds for her garden in her house early this year. She is looking forward with all her might to planting, weeding, mulching, rearranging and playing in her yard. What is better than the simple, indescribable joy that comes from seeing a seed coming up?

Silent, simple and still Jennifer goes most places alone and is alarmed to admit she loves the freedom.

Silent, simple and still Jennifer listens to a podcast from the radio show This American Life everyday. Yep, she just sits and listens. If you have never listened to This American Life....shame on you...you need to go google This American Life right now and click on one of  the most recent episodes all about coincidences...it is so perfect.

Silent, simple and still Jennifer built herself a fire in her fire pit last week and just sat and alternated between playing with and staring at the aforementioned fire when she should have been fixing dinner and doing laundry.

Silent,simple and still Jennifer loves volunteering at the library. And who can not help but notice how the words silent, simple and still all totally apply to the library. I feel such contentedness when I walk in that library.People are actually happy to see me, they appreciate what I have to offer and they don't judge me because I am a little bit afraid of the laminating machine and am not overly confident at making two sided copies in...color :) I love when they send me to the shelves and I find books in the wrong place and I get to put them in the right place. It is definitely the simple things my friends.

Silent, simple and still Jennifer loves that she can play the piano and has lots of plans to practice and play way more than she ever has before. A girl can express so much through her music.

Silent, simple, and still Jennifer has a season pass to Six Flags this year and can not wait to spend way too many days riding roller coasters and the merry go round with Tatiana and Natalie. Okay, I know you are not getting it but dig deeper you truly can squish Six Flags into a blog about silent, simple and still.

Silent, simple and still Jennifer reads Tolkien with her girls almost every day. What is simpler than get the ring back to where it came from...no matter what? :)

I have always thought I needed lots going on around me and I am thankful to discover I don't need that anymore. I still like people okay but I am a little afraid of them these days and that makes me feel silent, simple and still.

My sister Sarah is the one who got me thinking about stillness and its importance and I am so glad she did. As I concentrated on it I found myself noticing how much stillness was in my life and how stillness felt.

Sunshine, shapes of trees, clouds, daffodils coming up, writing a letter, watching the chickens, Larkrise to Candleford, Emma by Jane Austen, O' Pioneers by Willa Cather, Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner, no radio on in the car, a new gardening magazine in the mailbox, the hammock, mountains, bridges, completing pinterest projects, my paper route and the cute old people on it who love to chat, all these things are my favorite simple things that make my heart swell and swell because they are mine :)

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Camie said...

I have lots to learn about silent, simple and still!! I am still in manic mode all the time! You always have so much to teach me!