May 26, 2013

Half Way Happiness in The Yard.

 I know you are looking at the picture and wondering what on earth this picture has to do with my half way happiness in the yard so let me explain in two words... unfinished projects. So they are started which makes me happy but not finished which equals partial/halfway happiness :) Let me tell you about it.

First notice the bricks. It has taken me a year to have enough luck to get bricks off of Craigslist. Every time I called on bricks they were gone. But not this time. I was so excited to get them that I simply had to lay them out to see if I had enough to reach across the garden. To finish this project I need ten bags of paving sand and to figure out a way to justify purchasing a twenty five dollar tamper. And then I am going to have to find more bricks to make the pathway going the other way across the middle. But it will be exciting when I have my four defined beds. Utopia would be six defined beds but I am not going to push my luck :)

Second, I am sure you could not help notice the plops of dirt. Yeah, my lawn and I are constantly working on our relationship. The first thing that had to be done was I had to get rid of the crabgrass. After that was gone I was left with huge adorable plain brown spots all over my yard. Then I ordered my topsoil and started wheelbarrow-ing it all around. Now I am in the middle of spreading out the plops and getting them ready for grass seed. I have been doing this process all over my lawn in the front, the back and the sides and slowly but surely I am getting a nice lawn. Did I mention slowly? With lots of interruptions?

See the red box in the back corner? The minute we got chickens I knew I needed a compost bin. The husband obliged but I think when he built it he forgot how small...ahem, short I am. It is so hard for me to reach into this compost bin and stir things around. I love the idea of composting and I have read and read and read about it. Probably too much reading has been done on the subject because I am spending too much time wondering if I have the perfect balance of green compost and brown compost. I am hoping if I am patient that one day I will wake up and have perfect dark brown compost.

Speaking of waking up the first thing I do every morning as soon as I get home from driving Joe to seminary and school is I head out into the yard and wander. I love seeing if any new flowers are up and flowering. I love seeing if my bulbs are coming up yet. It makes me so happy to see everything growing. Check out the picture of my Forget Me Nots. They are truly the best blue ever. And they are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring so they make me extra happy :) Their little flower petals are so perfectly formed how can you not love them or not forget them? :)

This is a picture of my herb garden. I love to rub my fingers on all the leaves in the herb garden and smell everything. Everything in the herb garden is a perennial and that makes me so happy because that means they should all come back every year...chives, sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme,oregano and mint are the current herb garden residents. I was thrilled to discover this year that my cilantro even came back. Sometimes I am not sure if an herb can survive the winter here in zone five or not so it thrills me when I see it again in the spring.

It is not all happiness, part way happiness, and perfection in yard work world. Sometimes I discover on my morning "state of the yard" walk that some animal has munched on something it should not have or there are bugs on something or weeds have seemingly appeared over night. But the satisfying moments far outweigh the other moments :)

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